Not Enough Lag? You Have To “Leave It Behind”

There is something really cool in the Mike Dunaway “stickman” swing that I have just decoded, having taken as much of his model as I could to use in the MCS Golf Swing model.

When you look at the beginning of his down swing, what I like to call “the down move,” you can see this “leaving it behind” action as the hips & legs begin to shift and the body seems to leave the hands and club behind:

Let’s slow it down a bit and you’ll see it even better on the transition:

This is something when you look at it seems to be a result of very flexible wrists, but the thing is that angles can create optical illusions.

You’ll hear all sorts of instruction on how to create lag, most of it manipulated with the hands and wrists.

That’s not how you do it.

What’s causing this effect is a two-fold thing of the angles of the arm and club shaft relative to the camera and the manner in which Dunaway changes direction at the end of the back pivot.

I’ve been working on this specific action and I’ll tell you all, it is what I’d call “peak leverage.”

This is yet another things that can be performed without converting completely to the Austin/Dunaway swing, and you can see Long John Daly doing the same thing here:

I wrote a while back about how the ultimate leverage is achieved by using the leading arm against the torso to create a “pry-bar” effect and this is how beer-swilling, out of shape JD was able to get out of his La-Z-Boy chair and hit jaw-dropping drives without turning a hair or injuring himself.

It’s also how JD was able to swing on plane even with a super-high hand position and steep left arm on the back pivot without coming way over the top:

The best techniques for created speed have nothing to do with fast-twitch muscles or building hulking bulk in the gym – it comes from technique, and technique beats muscle every day when you created efficient technique and leverage.

Just more fun I’m going to have explaining in the “MCS – Synchronicity” video!

More to come.

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Lag? You Have To “Leave It Behind”

  1. Roger

    That slow mo of Daly with red jacket if you look at his right hand at top he demonstrates perfectly the throwing motion that Mike Austin taught

    1. D Watts Post author

      Absolutely. Not as efficient as Dunaway (Daly said MD was one of only two men who could out-drive him), but very good action indeed.

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