What A Difference These Swing Moves Made… ’18 vs ’19

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Today, I want to show you all something that will have you very enthusiastic about it.

I of course have my own swings in my video archives dating back to 2008, and if I can one day convert my VHS tapes to digital form, I’ll have swings going back to the summer of 2005, which was when I began my swing research.

What always surprises me is when I go back and look at older swings that I thought were very good, only to see that I’ve made such improvements over the elapsed time that the differences are shocking.

Let’s take a look at what I was able to do by taking the standard MCS Golf Swing model that I completed back in 2017 (the “E = MCS” swing video) and implementing the swing keys within the same model that I’ll be discussing in the upcoming video.

My swing technique was much improved last summer over the year previous, but I was still a little gob-smacked when I took a comparison look at last summer versus very recently:

DJ At The top – June ’18 vs ‘August ’19

Among the differences, you can easily see:

  • Narrower stance now,
  • Less right leg flex at the top in the more recent top position,
  • More shoulder turn,
  • Club not past parallel,
  • Less bend in the left elbow,
  • Lower left shoulder
  • I seem a little high (tall) in the ’18 position where the ’19 position is more compact and leveraged

Believe it or not, I actually swung faster and drove the ball longer with that shorter, more compact top position.

I did two things in the 2019 swing that created this difference both visually and performance-wise.

One of them was a simple stance and posture adjustment, which brought me more in line with how Dunaway and Sam Snead stood over the ball – it’s one thing to have an erect posture over the ball without squatting and to build an optimal stance.

I’ve now got the perfect method for checking and knowing the difference between an OK erect stance and the optimal erect stance.

The other thing I changed was what I’d call the money move to begin the back swing pivot, which I have observed in the swings of Jack Nicklaus and Mike Dunaway:

As you can see above, you can get a very significant hip tilt without using the Compound Pivot provided you make the proper move on the pivot.

Nicklaus of course had a much higher heel lift than Dunaway, but that was because of other things he did in his swing.

Seeing both swingers do it and referring back to all of my Mike Austin materials solidified for me that it is a great move – sometimes a great swinger does something in their swing, like Nicklaus’ flying elbow, that isn’t required or advised for the average swinger, but this one is definitely advised.

So, this is one thing that I mentioned is in the Austin/Dunaway model that you can actually perform with a “floating pivot” action and that doesn’t require a switch over to the Compound Pivot that Dunaway utilized.

You see, regarding the golf swing, great swingers do common things even when the model is different.

Snead was not an Austin/Dunaway model swinger, but he had nearly the identical posture on the setup to swing.

Nicklaus wasn’t an Austin/Dunaway model swinger, but he made the same back swing pivot move.

Adjust your MCS Golf Swing with these two things alone and you’ll really see a difference in your swing.

Regarding a future Austin/Dunaway Video

I’ve had some email queries on this, and I would love to produce an Austin/Dunaway swing video sometime in the spring.  My only hesitation comes from a feeling that it would be very difficult for a swinger who isn’t intensively trained in this swing to make a quick changeover.

With that in mind, I decided that a “transition” video implementing as much of the Austin/Dunaway principles into the MCS swing without requiring the Compound Pivot action would be the best training for someone to make that switch-over if they wish later on.

There are a couple of drills/exercises in this upcoming video that will really benefit both an MCS swinger and someone trying to swing Austin/Dunaway style.

In that regard, if you are interested in a WAX Golf Austin/Dunaway swing video with a full breakdown, I heartily recommend jumping in on the “Synchronicity” video (especially on the discounted pre-order), so that you can more easily make the change if and when I make that Austin/Dunaway swing video.

More to come, WAX Nation!


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