Swinging Like Dunaway – The Forward Press Is Fire

Besides having figured out how Dunaway’s stance was different from what you usually see with the golf swing, I’m seeing right now how vital the pre-swing “press” that Dunaway used in his 375 yard drives demo was.

It works much the way I built my setup for the New MCS swing model from 2013 after I had left the Austin/Dunaway camp.

No surprise either that I think my longest average drives ever were with the New MCS model, but it wasn’t optimal, so I made changes to it.

The standard MCS model from right now however still uses a press, but the Dunaway press is what I’m looking at right now.

I am looking at something that I have a hunch about, with regards to the left wrist and arm versus right wrist and arm, because I feel that one may suit people more than the other.

If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll go with the Dunaway press – however, doing it slightly differently (I’ll explain what that is when I’ve confirmed it’s the same, just with the other arm), I’ve had the same success with speed generation using the SwingRite.

Most people use the forward press as a “trigger,” making the body move from a static position so you’re not yanking or snatching the club away to get moving, but the purpose of the Dunaway press is much more important, in that it sets the impact position for the leading wrist before the swing even starts:

Dunaway’s Setting The Impact Angle

That’s what I was doing with my setup for the New MCS swing model, pressing into the impact position for my left arm and wrist before beginning the takeaway:

And it was there at impact, and in the drive from which I took this impact still, I launched a drive with a range ball that had 8 seconds of carry:

… but in looking at the New MCS swing with different intentions, I can see that if I had only adjusted my setup down the line:

… to get the arms vertical (or as close to vertical as I could) and the weight more over the feet rather than out over the toes, I might have begun to drift right into the Dunaway model just as I was leaving the Austin/Dunaway camp.

At any rate, I can attest that the press action combined with the hip shift and tilt from Dunaway’s stance… getting me the best speed I’ve had this season, with the SwingRite as my gauge.

I have a confession as well regarding my favorite swing training aid – I found an even stiffer spring than the one it came with, so that I can barely click it at the 8 setting – but I’ve been clicking it today at 7.5 with the Dunaway setup and the press!

Where am I going with this?

I’m simply curious, as I said before, to see how fast I can swing with any model, and how far I can launch it in my declining years (50 next year), because the long ball has always been my joy.

Very interesting stuff, and I’ll be out soon to take some swings and see how things go.

More to come!

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6 thoughts on “Swinging Like Dunaway – The Forward Press Is Fire

  1. peterallenby2013

    It takes mental strength to open the mind to the notion that there are other avenues to explore in whatever the endeavor or point of view. Doing so strengthens viewpoints and if you leave the ego outside of the equation, a chance to become better, whatever the endeavor.

    I am loving this DJ!

    1. D Watts Post author

      No ego at all, Peter! My golf swing journey has never been about ego. It began as a search for what I would now term the optimal golf swing because the golf swing instruction I had had to that point was not working for me.

      It has taken me down many roads, most of them with dead ends, and the current MCS model is, as I’ve always said when building or highlighting a model, the best possible way I could see to swing a club.

      I’m looking at Dunaway’s swing now with new eyes and I’m seeing that much of the difference between his swing and the current MCS is actually in my personal execution of the current MCS model.

      If people have followed my instructions with regards to the MCS model, they’d actually be swinging much closer to Dunaway than I have been. My swing has always been just my swing, and the model of MCS is much better than my own swing, and you’ve all seen that the closer I got to the model, the better my own swing has gotten, technically.

      So, I want to replicate Dunaway’s swing, then see what the actual differences are between it and the theoretical MCS model – and if I find something in there to improve the MCS model even more, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

      I’m not concerned with putting my name to anything. I call the MCS pivot action Ben Hogan’s ‘Perfect Pivot,'” after all, don’t I? I didn’t come up with that action.

      It could be that I branch MCS (which only stands for “Mechanically-Correct Swing,”) into two models where the difference is in the stance and pivot action & let people decide for themselves which works best for them personally.

      They can go with Hogan’s “floating pivot” action or with the Austin/Dunaway “ringing the bell” hip & leg action. Right now, after hours of comparing the two over the last couple of weeks, that’s the biggest difference between the two models.

      The best way to swing is always going to be the best way to swing and, in the end, that has always been my mission statement!

  2. Goose

    Dunaway did not always use a forward press. He said I do it some days, others I don’t. I have video of him giving a good friend lessons and that was one of the things they discussed. The lesson was taken, not long after the Peace River video was released.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s correct, Goose. In the Sybervision video, he doesn’t for one example. I am looking at both press and non-press at the moment but loving the press.

  3. Goose

    Yes, in the Austinology video (made well after Sybervision video) Austin has Dunaway incorporate the forward press and then they demo it again in the Peace River video. It was an important component for Austin, but not an imperative one, as he discusses here in Austinology with Dunaway:

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s amazing, I’ve had this video for 9 years now and certain things are still clicking. This is why I have been advising people who download any of the MCS videos that it takes multiple viewings to absorb everything. Just like reading a text book, you’re not ever going to absorb all of the subject material going through it once!

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