The Mystery Of Dunaway’s Low Leading Heel Pivot – No Mystery!

Those of you who have been around for a while know of my interest in the Dunaway pivot, mainly how he was able to have such a low trailing heel on the back swing.

On some swings , it looked as though he’s swinging in Modern Golf Swing style of keeping the leading heel nailed down, but I wrote a while back about how he did have some separation even if it seemed he didn’t:

I have recently had an opportunity to have a look at both of the late Mike Dunaway’s “Escape Force Motion” videos.

By “both,” I mean the original “Lost Lesson” video which MD shot in 2010, shortly before becoming ill with complications from his diabetes.

Actually, it’s easier just to post screenshots of the story below, from the re-discovered “Lost Lesson,” which was lost or misplaced during the time he was ill:

It was late last last/early this morning and I was watching something on Amazon Prime, when I got up and began to watch the “Lost Lesson” video again, just playing it through beginning to end to see if I could squeeze anything out of it.

This is why I’ve always advised people who watch my videos to watch them more than once, in fact to keeping watching the videos until you know them by heart, because there is always something you will miss in a 45 minute to an hour video the first, second, whatever time watching.

It happened to me with the “Lost Lesson,” as I watched Dunaway explain his view on the pivot action:

I noticed/heard something around the 19 minute part where Dunaway explains why you need leading heel separation on the pivot (which everyone around here has known to be the case since, like, forever), but in the wee hours sitting at my computer with one eye on the TV, something clicked while I watched MD make the pivot motions.

I’ve had a good deal of heel lift while trying to replicate his action, so this part was where I put both eyes on the computer monitor and listened and watched, then got up to make some pivots.

And there is was, my friends – the mystery of Dunaway’s low leading heel on the pivot was not a mystery at all, because I was able to do it as well!

I’m a little tired today because, as all of you know who have studied anything intensely and passionately, when you make a big discovery on something, you can forget about sleep.

There I was, making the pivot moves and swinging the SwingRite at 1:00 in the morning, trying to ingrain or formulate the “feel” of how and what I was doing so I wouldn’t lose it.

And, I am happy to admit, that I was WRONG when I speculated that Dunaway could have been even longer with a bigger heel lift.

I fell into my own trap against which I have advised others, because the amount of heel lift is not the issue on making a full hip turn pivot.

In fact, I can show a pivot of mine swinging driver, around the time I was shooting and working on the “E = MCS” swing video, where I was making the same low leading heel pivot with the tighter elbow position at the top:

That’s with the MCS Golf Swing model however, not Dunaway’s, but the fact remains that the amount of heel lift does not indicate level of leverage, and is really dependent on the type of stance and pivot action being used by the swinger.

And Dunaway’s stance was what allowed him to make a full hip turn pivot with seemingly rubber legs, because I couldn’t figure out for a long time how this was possible.

Well, the man himself explained it in his “Lost Lesson” video, well enough for me to get it once I paid full attention to the exact details of what he was saying and doing.

I’ll tell you as well, Dunaway said his mentor Mike Austin had the best swing ever, and Austin in turn said Mike Dunaway had the best swing of all time – when it comes to efficient power production, Austin had it rightyou can’t beat Dunaway’s swing.

Just as I was able to figure out Ben Hogan’s “floating pivot” by watching what he was doing instead of listening to others, I learned what Dunaway was doing simply by listening and watching him do it and explain it.

I wouldn’t say the phrasing was perfect or even good, because I hadn’t got it the other times I heard and watched, but for some reason, it clicked in early this morning that it’s the stance setup.

All In The Setup

Of course, that meshes with what I’ve been saying forever about the MCS Golf Swing model – it all begins with the setup, the setup, the setup, and if you don’t get that right, you’re going to have issues with the rest of the swing.

Luckily for me, the adjustments I had planned are exactly what the doctor ordered, as I confirmed following his example this morning watching his video.

The father of modern long driving is sadly no longer with us, but he left his wisdom behind and it is not the swing of a man who was physically different from the rest us – you can swing like Dunaway, if you do the proper things to ensure it.

I’m really, really excited to get back out to make some swings now, as you can imagine.

More, much more to come!

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video

4 thoughts on “The Mystery Of Dunaway’s Low Leading Heel Pivot – No Mystery!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Roger – I have had contacts in the Austin/Dunaway school since I began writing about Mike Austin’s swing back in 2009. In fact, before the spring of 2013, I dealt exclusively with studying the Austin/Dunaway models in my previous blogs Smash Golf & DJ Watts Golf.

      When I left the Austin/Dunaway school was when I changed the blog name to WAX Golf. From time to time, someone in the school will send me materials. I’ve got a signed copy of Phil Reed’s book on Austin sitting on my shelf as a matter of fact, sent to me by the author.

      I’ve got every Austin/Dunaway video in existence I believe.

      1. Roger

        Reason I asked I bought both Escape Force Motion
        My best lesson
        His web site is down His daughters screwed it up so for us owners who bought those cannot watch them anymore
        Mike Austin Fan did get in touch with his daughters
        I believe they will try to get the site back online
        Tom Duke who created Wind and Sling was a student of Dunaway he ran Dunaway Long which shortly before Mike died I bought those videos
        I also bought Tom Duke system which is very good
        But like his Video you cannot buy it in DVD form just like Dunaway’s videos I bought
        For this reason I will never buy anything again online
        Too risky if the site goes your screwed
        Your swing is looking awesome and your getting everything that Mike Austin and Dunaway taught
        If you ever get your teaching method down on DVD let me know I’ll be the first to buy

        1. D Watts Post author


          Yes, I have heard of the issue with MD’s site being shut down by his daughters. Very unfair to those who purchased the streaming rights to his videos.

          I have contemplated having my videos stream instead of file downloading but after hearing about MD’s site, I prefer to sell downloadable files so anyone who purchases them has them to keep.

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