Dunaway’s Swing Was So Different – All Leverage

I’ve been harping about Mike Dunaway’s leveraged swing for some time now and I can say, as I close in on exactly what he was doing and how to replicate it, that I don’t know of any other move in golf like what he did.

I said after my initial attempt to reproduce Dunaway’s action that there were a couple of things I had to adjust.

The funny thing is (though I’m not laughing, because it makes me want to bang my head against the wall), I have actually performed Dunaway’s mechanics with the Momentus Heavy Iron:

Believe it or not, for much of the past two to three years, I’ve been looking at Dunaway’s swing, including that shift into the right hip, wondering how to translate that into the MCS Golf Swing model, but never actually trying to perform Dunaway’s actual swing – until now.

The reason I was able to do it in practice with the Heavy Iron is because it made me adjust my balance to do so, and once I did, I could do it very ably.

There is something very subtle about that back swing with regards to the balance and the pivot into the right leg that must be felt:

The challenge is now to translate it with actual swings on balls, which as you all know is where the rubber meets the road.  I’ve seen people with whom I have worked perform the MCS Golf Swing mechanics nearly flawlessly on practice swings, only to see things go haywire once standing over a real ball.

The leverage in that down swing is what made Dunaway so long, long-drive long with a regular club.

I remember how in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Remax World Long Drive Champions were winning with drives of 360-380 yards, while Dunaway was able to drive it 375 yards with a regular length stainless-steel headed Callaway Big Bertha.

It’s tempting to think that this stuff was exaggeration, til you’ve actually made the move – I can stand all day trying to click my SwingRite on a very still setting using my standard MCS Golf Swing motion, yet when I switch to Dunaway’s back swing pivot and down swing, the same SwingRite snaps effortlessly.

So effortlessly that I had to check the setting yesterday to see if I had lowered the resistance from the previous day and forgotten.

No, I hadn’t.

The issue for me is that it’s a very different way to standing, pivoting and swinging down and through compared to the way nearly everyone does it.

I know what he was doing.

I’ve done it in practice.

Now it’s the real thing I’m working on.


More to come!

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