Putting More Ben Hogan In My MCS Pivot – WOW!!

I wasn’t disgusted with my form swinging the club after 5 weeks off when I spent a couple of days in Chicago two weeks ago and had the opportunity to hit balls at Medinah CC courtesy of my host Cory C, but let’s say I wasn’t happy about it.

It looked a little too loose and I have been working on my pivot since then to put more of Ben Hogan’s “perfect pivot” action into it.

I hit some balls yesterday for the first time since Chicago and, just from working on that pivot action, I couldn’t believe the difference in form!

Here’s some video:

First, take a look at what the focus on Hogan-izing my pivot did for my left arm position at the top.

Even though I have managed to bring my swing plane into the neutral zone (not too flat, not over the top), I still had a left arm that was above the impact swing plane.

However, in just the second time hitting balls since August 23 (the other time as mentioned was in Chicago), check out the new arm position:


Lest anyone be tempted to point out the flex in the right knee, it is actually beginning to flex again after straightening on the way to the top, in the same way Hogan’s leg action began before the club reached the top:

The great part about it is that I wasn’t manipulating the swing at all – I just focused on the balance during the pivot action and tried to envision swinging under the right armpit going back (if it sounds off, it’s just the visual and feel I used).

That arm was perfectly on the same plane as the impact shaft plane, and I’ll tell you, there is not much that you can do wrong between the top and impact if you get this going on.

I was aiming over the white flag in the distance and those of you with desktop computers can full-screen that swing to see how accurately I drove it.

Now, instead of being over the plane at the top, I’m right on it and the hands drop below on the down swing:

I remember reading a while back how Tiger Woods remarked that Ben Hogan couldn’t have played on the modern PGA Tour with his swing, and that is a load of rubbish.

That pivot above is Ben Hogan’s pivot action and I can pop that ball well over 300 yards even now at 49 years of age and swinging very sporadically – these swings above are again the second time I’ve hit balls since August 23rd, the other time being two weeks ago in Chicago.

So you can imagine what a young bull in college or fresh out of it would be able to do with a pivot like this, especially if being able to practice and play multiple times per week.

And of course, if I can swing like this taking weeks off at a time, imagine how much more enjoyment the occasional player would have on the course once they were able to spend some time learning and implementing the principles of this swing motion.

Young and old, amateur or professional, constant player or recreational, it really doesn’t matter – the mechanics are the mechanics, they are leverage-based and not muscle-bound, and if this fat and out of shape fellow above can drive it over 300 yards and not tax a muscle… you know there’s a very low injury risk.

But that’s the case with all mechanically-sound motions – the more so, the lower the risk of injury.

So, I can only see win-win here, how about you in WAX Nation?!?!

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