Mike Dunaway Swing Model – 1st Day

I’ve got some video edited and here are my Mike Dunaway model swings, face on and down the line with a couple of drives I crushed.

I know how to improve this particular action after having looked at everything, but I was pleased, once again, with my efforts the first time trying.

Here are some positions from address to impact face on:


From the front view, I would like to adjust the ball position slightly, as this mechanical action doesn’t require the ball so far left in the stance…

As for down the line:

Pretty close, but again, a slight adjustment to ball position, this time a little closer to it for the same reason that this mechanical action works better with the arms a little more vertical…

Mike Dunaway was a college football player and as strong as an ox, so he would have hammered the ball with any type of swing he used, but I did feel a real pop in the impact swinging this way, despite how controlled and easy the motion looks.

More to come!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

4 thoughts on “Mike Dunaway Swing Model – 1st Day

  1. J S

    Hey DJ, just wanted to drop a note to something I’ve seen in your swing. If you look at the down the line view and watch your tush line at about 2 1/2 trees to the right of the transmission tower in the distance at address. It stays there to the top of the back swing. But on the down swing it comes off that line a fair amount.

    To the point your back appears almost vertical. More like the release point of a hammer throw. Or maybe your trebuchet falling backwards feeling. Could this be the secret to your effortless power and accuracy. You have to admit it’s different.

    I think there could be a day where your teaching ,your own, swing. Not Ben’s not the Mike’s not Jack’s but yours,, DJ’s swing. You could break a new path. But,,, If it’s not by design then I’m sure your working on it. Right 😎 JS

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi JS! I know what you’re talking about:

      If you look at the down the line view and watch your tush line at about 2 1/2 trees to the right of the transmission tower in the distance at address. It stays there to the top of the back swing. But on the down swing it comes off that line a fair amount.

      To be honest, I don’t give any thought or lend any credence to the whole “tush line” subject that places like Golf WRX obsess about. There is no biomechanical principle in it, and I would bet that it only has anything to do with the modern golf swing, so that would mean it has nothing to do with proper biomechanics.

      In fact, here’s Dunaway himself coming off the tush line quite significantly himself:

      I would say, some people keep the tush line, others don’t, and that’s about it, for me.

      As for the swing, the MCS Golf Swing model is mine – I have taken the fundamentals of the greatest swingers in building the model, but the exact model itself is what I was left with after all of these years of research. It’s not exactly any other swinger’s swing, but I do point out where it matches other great swingers in this place or that. The stance is largely the way Nicklaus stood in his younger days, the pivot is modeled from Hogan’s pivot action and the down swing is the result of the stance and pivot!

      At the end of the day, it’s the model has produced the best results for me, and I have always been able to drive the ball a long way – but the way it exists now is the best way I could devise to swing a golf club.

      Perhaps I should start calling it “DJ Watts’ MCS Golf Swing” model! The problem is, the first question would be, “Who is this DJ Watts fella?” 😉

  2. JS

    Love it that’s funny… So that is one of the clips I was talking about with Mike D. Hard to tell with white pants but if it does it’s not quite as much.

    Also in one of Austin,s lessons he talks about keeping the tush on the cinder block wall. As most do and nobody that I know teaches to kind of push it into the shot or lean back enough to bring it off the Wall if you will.

    For what’s worth I think you might have a real game changer. It is part of the reason your front leg is bent and there’s no jump. Oh well,, I say endorse it. Anyway after you win a couple senior opens people will listen. JS

    1. D Watts Post author

      JS – Here is the same swing with lines – I would say it’s a fair movement considering the Austin instruction is to keep the tush against the wall:

      Then again, Dunaway also had the “shock-absorber” flexed leading knee through impact.

      You could be correct that this is what’s missing from the swings of people trying to generate more power with their MCS swings… if you try to keep the tush line, you might be forcing a spin-out of the hips rather than getting aggressively into the leading foot to leverage the club down.

      I come from a life of sports participation – baseball, hockey, track & field, basketball – I follow the laws of athletic motion and not the ones dictated by golf swing forums and so-called analysts – works for me!!! 🙂

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