Cameron Champ Down The Line (Awesome)

I have been looking at Cameron Champ’s swing down the line from about a year ago, and it’s just mesmerizing to see how he gets to impact from the top of the back swing.

I’ll show his face on swing later, but for now, let’s just look at the down the line goodness.

Pretty standard setup and the takeaway tells you he’s a fade swinger:

Unfortunately, it seems that the progress he was making last year in getting a little more mechancially-sound with the freer hip turn and slightly lifting heel seems to have been a temporary phase, as show in this top position from the up the line view:

Considering he’s been plagued by back issues since his late teens and is now going back to the extreme torque in the lower back, it’s likely he’ll be taking more injury time in the future, to go with the weeks off last season with a back injury.

Another of Sean Foley’s players, Justin Rose, has also done this “lifting heel today, none tomorrow” kind of fiddling, and as with most if not all of Foley’s players, Rose also suffers from back ailments.

I wonder why that is – oh, yes, Tiger Woods never had a back problem before he worked with Foley. It’s a mystery to me how the man still has swingers to work with.

Moving on, here is the swing from the video, slowed down:

That transition, with the back twisted that way and the hips quickly changing direction – there’s your back issue distilled, my friends.

But that impact position is sublime:

If you want a look at the sequencing from address to impact, again, it looks great if you discount the one glaring factor of the planted heel and twisting lower back – let the hips move naturally and the heel to lift to accommodate that, and you’d have the absolute perfect bomber’s golf swing, mechanically.

You can see in the 3rd frame in the top row, that he Cameron is still getting a good hip turn (I suspect a little left-side loading there in order to get this with the left heel nailed down), and the hips quickly reversing on the transition is where he gets that tremendous leverage.

At impact, shoulders are a tiny fraction open, helping with the fade, and with the low trailing heel and right arm just coming to extension, you know there’s leverage, leverage and more leverage in that action through the bottom.

I’ll see if I can find a good face-on swing clip so we can have a good look at what young Cameron is doing from that angle.

And of course, congrats to Cameron on his weekend victory at the Safeway Open, just down the road from where his grandfather, in hospice care at home, watched every stroke!

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3 thoughts on “Cameron Champ Down The Line (Awesome)

  1. D Watts Post author

    Not really relevant to the posting, but I had to share this with WAX Nation – courtesy of Cory C, who would turn this down if it were offered to you?!?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Watch it again, Terry – it’s his hip-speed. The arms follow the body, which follows the hips. This is why modern swingers do so much damage to their lower backs swinging the way they do.

      There is no such thing as “rubber-banding” as they call it. Even the modern swingers have to fire the hips to get swing speed, and the restriction plus the violent change of direction is what shreds the back.

      So, yes, the arms are a blur, but that’s because of the hip speed in his down swing.

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