A Golfer’s Dream? Hitting Drives @ Medinah Country Club

I just returned home from a fabulous little outing to Chicago, where I met with Medinah Country Club member Cory C. to talk about his swing and hit some balls together.

If any of you have a bucket list of golf-related things that involve things like a tour of the clubhouse, I could have checked that off for you.

Not only that, if getting changed in the members’ locker room (the same one used by the pros during Ryder Cup, Major and Tour events), eating in the grill room and hitting some balls on the members’ range (where even the pros don’t get to hit, they get an improvised range on one of the 3 courses), then I could have checked those off for you as well.

I took some pictures for the memories but I won’t be sharing them publicly, apologies.

I do have a little video of some swings I made on the members’ range that Cory C. shot while I tried out some of his collection of Callaway Epic and Rogue drivers.

It was a load of fun, and the only distraction was CC, who kept laughing when I would make a swing – I had told him that I hadn’t hit a ball in 5 weeks, so I didn’t know how well it would go, but apparently it wasn’t too bad.

He had his laser range finder, so the distances with the following clubs are accurate:

Driver – The end of the range was 306 yards from where we were on the extreme left edge.  I hit about 5 different Callaway Epic & Rogue drivers. With the couple I preferred, I flew the drives to the end, one-hopping them into the bushes… apologies to Medinah CC if any of them are lost…

3 WoodCC’s Epic Flash with a 75 gram Tour Ad shaft, 295 yards or so in the air off the tee,

Irons – The Callaway Epic Forged, which were like butter – I didn’t even remember having hit them until CC texted me the distances.

7 Iron – 220 yards

5 Iron – 265 yards

4 Iron, 280 yards.

Not too shabby after a 5 week layoff!

Although we didn’t have time to play a round on Course 3 (which is the one where they play the Tour and other major events), CC made sure I went home with some swag from the 2019 BMW Championship in August:

Thanks to Cory C. for the gold-plated treatment – it was a golfer’s dream – imagine driving into the country club and having someone point out casually to you, “That’s the tree where Sergio hit his shot from in the ’99 PGA Championship…”

We’ve got more consulting to do with his swing, but he’s got plenty of athleticism – he doesn’t have the MCS Golf Swing down because we just started together on it, but he hit his Callaway Epic Forged 7 Iron 210 to my 220… when we get his driver ironed out, he will be a bomber.

More on the trip later!

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  1. D Watts Post author

    And the first progress report from Cory C – after 3 weeks discussing the swing and two days’ personal face time, he reported back that while playing a round today, he hit 4 drives in the 280-290 range.

    Way to go, CC!!

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