Cameron Tringale Does The Opposite Of “Jump For Power” & Sets Speed Increase Record

File this under the “Doing The Opposite Of Modern Golf Instruction Will Improve Your Performance” category, and if there wasn’t one before, there is now.

PGA Tour player Cameron Tringale, according to the PGA Tour, set an all-time mark in the stat “Year Over Year Speed Increase,” making a jump from 111.28 mph to 119.94 mph in one year.

That is an over 8.5 mph increase and you’ll never guess how he did it.  It wasn’t:

  • Keeping the leading heel down during the back swing,
  • Freezing the hips to keep them from turning during the back swing, nor was it
  • Jumping out of his shoes through impact

If you still haven’t guessed it, then you can see what it is below:

There are three things I love about what he’s saying here:

  • The leading heel lift, which is not the secret, rather the by-product of allowing the hips to turn naturally and unrestricted on the back pivot,
  • That Cam says it’s “more of a technique than a drill,” which is awesome – I’ve seen so many pros doing drills that look like a mechanically-correct swing, only to swing in the Modern Golf Swing style when they actually get out on the course, which defeats the whole purpose of a “drill,”
  • The old Smash Golf/DJ Watts Golf blog readers will have noticed, without my pointing out, that Cam’s “squashing a grape under my left heel” visual is exactly the same as the visual I wrote about years ago, that you want to make a “left foot stomp” on the down swing, and to imagine trying to crush a Dixie Cup under the heel!

So, you see, Cam has set a record for year over year club speed increase by doing the exact opposite of the “Vertical Lift” and “Jump For Power” B.S. that is floating around

He doesn’t swing with a planted leading heel and a jumping one through impact – instead, he does the opposite of that and swings with a lifting leading heel on the pivot and a planted one through impact.

That, of course, increases his natural leverage by using more of the hips & legs, and thereby naturally would have increased his club speed just by that alone.

It seems that pros are themselves beginning to figure it out, as I don’t see or read Cam mention having got this from a coach or instructor (and if he did, he should)… and if every Modern Golf Swing pusher out there loses his job when enough people figure out that the MGS is junk science, I won’t shed a tear.

And for Seinfeld fans, Cam Tringale is the Opposite George Costanza of the Modern Golf Swing era.

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  1. David

    Sorry DJ, didn’t see already post on this. Hope you are well. Nanc has only played once in a year. She has reactivated Epstein Barr and there is no remedy. Everything is holistic and expensive and nothing is working. Hey to Rania as well.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hello DK! So sorry to hear about Nanc – I actually wondered how she was doing not too long ago, I hope she feels better. The family is doing great, Rania says hi and we wish Nanc the best 🙂

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