Joaquin Niemann – Back & Knee Problems On The Way?

I got a look at the newest PGA Tour winner’s golf swing and Joaquin Niemann’s action is certainly impressive.

Looking at his pivot and follow-through, I can only wonder how long it takes before either back and/or knee problems begin to appear.

Joaquinn looks every bit as flexible as Dustin Johnson but I remember remarking a few years ago (probably 2014 or so) that although DJ got a pretty good hip turn out of his own pivot:

… the fact that he was doing that with a planted leading heel might cause issues with his left knee sooner or later.

At the time, he was doing fine, but that’s the thing with doing fine when performing dangerous actions – you’re fine until you’re not, and DJ has just had a left knee surgery, with the question of how stable it is going forward yet to be answered.

After all, it took Tiger Woods years and years to wreck his left knee swinging the way he did, but DJ is 35 years old so he won’t have the latitude that TW did, having his first left knee surgery around the age of 19-20 (when he turned pro the year he turned 21, he’d already had the first while in college).

I’m seeing the same thing with Joaquin’s swing – a pretty significant hip turn, however the nailed-down left foot means there is an equally significant twisting force being exerted on that left knee:

The thigh bone or femur is nearly vertical above, and I’ve already told the tale of how swinging this way affected me years ago in the early phase of my swing research.

That’s the one thing, and then there’s the big back contortion through impact:

… big crunch in the lower right back area and if you haven’t noticed, let me point out that at the 9:00 phase of his swing (where the shaft reaches parallel to the ground post-impact), that club and shaft are pointing left of his body!

That is a huge twisting force, as you can see that when one simply swings down and through without trying to “swing left,” the shaft reaches parallel while still in front of the body on the dtl view:

He’ll only be 21 years old in November, so he’s only just into the early stages of a career that I would be afraid will be shorter than it should be, due to the mechanics of an otherwise powerful and eye-opening golf swing.

This could all be alleviated by allowing the hips to turn without the resistance of the nailed-down leading heel, and getting rid of the whole “swing left” thing.

Time will tell, I guess.  Meanwhile, congratulations to young Joaquin Niemann on his maiden PGA Tour victory at the age of 20, and here’s hoping he has a long and injury-free career!

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  1. Mike Divot

    Watch his head on the DTL video. Down down down down it goes … until it reaches his toes! Well, nearly. Ouch!

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