Couldn’t Take “Using The Ground” BS Anymore – Twitter Rant & Thread Here

I don’t know what it was that made me snap, but I have to constantly bite my tongue to not tell respected people in the golf industry that they don’t know what the hell they’re going on about.

It’s not that I’m afraid to, I just don’t like the road it goes down when you tell someone who is looked up to that they’re full of rubbish.  Bruised egos and whatnot.

On my humble blog and Twitter account however, I can step boldly onto the soap box and let fly without directly targeting anyone publicly, though I have and can do that if they catch me in the right (or is it wrong?) mood, so here is my afternoon Twitter rant from today in blog form with the relevant links (I sometimes clean out my Tweets, hence not just posting the Tweets themselves).

Tweet 1

The problem with golf is that even the so-called “experts” & analysts for the most part are CLUELESS about proper athletic motion & biomechanics.

Stop saying that a flying leading foot provides power or lift, it is a COMPENSATION for not releasing the trailing foot through impact!


Tweet 2

If the so-called “experts” & analysts can’t get this right, what chance does the casual player have to improve? Ball speed, launch angle & spin govern how far you will drive it, not your flopping/flying leading foot. How did golf get to this point?


Tweet 3

Here is a 5-6 degree Positive AA producing 12-13 degrees Launch Angle with 8.5 degree driver, now tell me what my leading foot is doing, please.

Launch Angle is determined by Angle of Attack & flying/flopping feet have NOTHING to do with how to produce it.


Tweet 4

Take Launch Angle, Add Ball Speed & Low Spin – THAT’S how you produce longer, powerful drives.

At 48 yrs of age, yours truly (who hits balls once per week on average) w/8 degree Driver producing 300+ carry with NUMBERS & NO FLYING FOOT thank you very much. Just absurd analysis out there to be honest.


Tweet 5

You produce natural lift without having to “jump” for it if you have proper mechanics.

Calling a swing compensation a power or lift producer means the “expert” should be in kinesiology class taking notes instead of explaining mechanics. Sad but true.


Tweet 6

Baseball players need LIFT & POWER too. Look at Mike Trout‘s home run swing & feet.

IF you TRIED to coach a Baseball player to keep his trailing foot anchored & “JUMP” off the leading foot you’d be ejected from the facility on your head & rightfully so. STOP THE MADNESS

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

11 thoughts on “Couldn’t Take “Using The Ground” BS Anymore – Twitter Rant & Thread Here

  1. Peter Allenby

    Ooooh! Angry DJ! Telling the TRUTH! Almost none of the more publicized “experts” will likely even touch this Tweet because it is the truth and this truth runs counter to all of their babble protecting their paychecks! I can see it now: ‘Who the hell are you to tell JUSTIN THOMAS he swings a golf club incorrectly?….. He’s #1, NUMBER ONE going into the Fed Ex event in Atlanta. If his swing is so bad, how come he’s NUMBER ONE!?”

    I will leave the answer to you, DJ…

    PS – I wonder how many of the top pro 30 golfers in Atlanta have back problems?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hello Peter Allenby! Always good to see you. Thanks for teeing that softball up for me, mind if I take a whack?

      Who the hell are you to tell JUSTIN THOMAS he swings a golf club incorrectly?….. He’s #1, NUMBER ONE going into the Fed Ex event in Atlanta. If his swing is so bad, how come he’s NUMBER ONE!?


      Justin Thomas doesn’t have a bad swing, he’s actually a great ball-striker and one of the best players on the planet.

      The flying foot however is a compensation move, so that he can keep turning and finish the swing through impact to the finish, because that anchored right foot means he’d blow a tire if the leading one didn’t flop and twist around the way it does.

      Just as you can’t walk or run without releasing the trailing foot, one cannot swing a bat or golf club with a full hip turn to the finish without releasing the trailing foot. If it stays anchored, it’s like attaching a fixed chain to the rear axle of a car and sending it down the track. What happens when the car reaches the maximum length of the chain?

      In conclusion, a compensation doesn’t make a swing bad, just not as good as it could be without the problem causing the need for the compensation.

      The flaw is the anchored trailing foot. The compensation is the flying leading foot. It isn’t so much an injury risk as it is an impediment to consistency because of the timing required, and Justin Thomas has a history of not knowing where his ball is going certain weeks.

      The end.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Ask and you shall receive, Peter!

  2. Joe

    DJ, I couldn’t agree more. But here is what I noticed, remember he was playing with Tony Finau, one of the longest hitters on the planet. Plus he gives up size Tony is 6 ft. 4 and 200 lb. Justin is listed at 5 ft 10 and 145. My point is with the driver he was trying to keep up with Tony on Sunday. Missed more fairways then the rest of the week combined. I didn’t see him jump with his irons and he’s very accurate. He’s a great player and was a blast to watch on Saturday. If he tweeks that driver swing look out. JS

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Joe! Good to see you.

      Justin Thomas is a GREAT golfer. I’m not disputing that. Not even his ball-striking. You’ve noticed he doesn’t do the foot thing with his irons – narrower stance and not as big a pivot for irons, hence no need for it. You only see it with Driver, and really, he could eliminate it if he knew how. Other than being a planted-heel modern swinger, which I absolutely detest, his swing would be A-OK.

      I’m just telling everyone that the flying foot does not add power, it lets him swing that hard and not hurt himself with the anchored right foot, and it does not add launch angle whatsoever, the two reasons you hear for the flying foot. In fact, last time I looked, JT had very low Attack Angle, virtually none. I’ll check it out to make sure.

      But my point is that it’s a compensation and not something to be emulated.

  3. Mark Cumberpatch

    Another small adjustment would be to abandon that squared up to target line left foot and flair it out a bit to the left. Those severely rolling over left ankles are painful to watch.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That is a result of the planted-heel Modern Golf Swing madness – you can’t make a full hip turn with the leading heel nailed down, and making any hip turn places a lot of stress on the leading knee due to the twisting forces.

      Very likely the cause of Tiger Woods’ left knee issues dating back to his college days after years of pivoting with a nailed down left heel and the flare:

      When you take the flare angle out of the leading foot, it makes it easier to pivot and get some degree of hip turn with the leading heel down.

      So many changes to proper golf swing motion, the wider stances and squatting, all to keep that leading heel down.

      I know…


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