Here’s A New “Throwing” Concept – Straight Down

For those of you who have grown accustomed to the “throw release” concept of the power or trailing arm action, here’s one for you in order to really get the Mike Dunaway in your down swing – think “straight down” with your throw.

You all know that I’ve been pursuing Dunaway’s down swing action for my own particular MCS Golf Swing model, and let’s keep in mind that there can be many variations of the MCS swing action.

For example, even though I talk about the low trailing at impact, having a high impact heel position doesn’t mean your swing isn’t mechanically-correct – it certainly is, if you’re swinging according to the model, with the hips & legs and not the lower back, but the lower heel is simply optimal.

You can have a very good, even great mechanically-correct golf swing without it being the optimal, although it should get better the closer you get to the theoretical “optimal model.”

Mike Dunaway At Impact

For those who arrived here late, the late Mike Dunaway is the father of modern long driving, the man who was the club-tester for Callaway when they developed the Big Bertha driver, the inspiration to Art Sellinger (who founded Long Drivers of America and is a key force in World Long Drive Championship), and whose swing was so silky smooth, you’d never think he could drive the ball the distances he did.

The key to improving your own swing model is almost invariably going to be in improving your setup, because the swing really is the swing.

With the proper setup, you’ll be able to think “straight down” with your down swing transition from the top, but of course, if you don’t have the setup configured that way, you’re not going to get it perfectly.

The low heel simply indicates that, while you’re exerting maximum leverage on your swing, you aren’t over-turning the hips and body to increase that leverage and power.

It’s the sign of maximum leverage that you aren’t turning with the body, and the result is a nearly “straight down” action with the power arm while whatever turning occurs (in the shoulders and torso and hips) is occurring simply with the shifting of pressure onto the leading foot.

It will feel like this:

I for example got that action when I swung with the “right arm only” swing a few weeks back and I’ve been working towards figuring out what I’ve been lacking in performing that same action with the full body and both arms involved.

Dunaway’s Full-Body Max Leverage Swing

That’s my personal journey – for others, you’re likely working on your own parts of the model where you’re having difficulties, but I can assure you, almost every swing change begins with the setup.

So, when you are at the top, the combination of the shifting pressure to the leading leg and the “pushing down” action of the power arm give you that real “throw” action that you want for maximum leverage and power, as with Dunaway below:

Try to imagine the “feel” Dunaway would have had in his right arm and hand on the transition and down swing into impact, and you should begin to see it, if you don’t already.

As stated before, I’m after that optimal action so I can demonstrate it myself in the optimal manner, because I know from having played other sports and having thrown and swung things that the action you’re seeing above in Dunaway’s down swing is the mechanically-correct way to generate maximum leverage, speed and power.

I still am not 100% satisfied with my action and I’ve been again evaluating my setup, which is not that hard for the average person to get – I am just working from the disadvantage of being left-handed swinging right-handed, so I’ve had to change all of my brain impulses to think “right arm” instead of “left arm” with regards to my own golf swing.

Luckily, I have always thrown and swung right-handed, which makes me more of a hybrid than true lefty, but that’s been my stumbling block.

The solution, I know, is in actually making my setup the one I explain in the “E = MCS” video, and when I nail that setup to my satisfaction, I will know I’ve reached the limit of what I can do with my MCS Golf Swing.

Perhaps the next time out will be even better than the last time, which was pretty darned close to what I want to see.

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If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

7 thoughts on “Here’s A New “Throwing” Concept – Straight Down

  1. Uncle JJ

    This is fascinating to me. I love finding a simple swing thought. I must take it to the range and wood-shed it a little! Keep it coming, DJ.

    Once you get your swing optimized, will you produce another video? Hope so.

    1. D Watts Post author

      This is the thing, Uncle JJ – the reason tips and quick fixes don’t work is because unless you’re gripping the club and set up the exact same way over the ball as the person giving the tip/fix, one simple swing thought isn’t going to work. You might not even make contact with the ball!

      However, if you are set up and gripping the club the same way, then the blueprint to follow will work. This is why I hammer the setup, because without the same setup, swinging the way the model says to swing won’t necessarily help, in fact it may make one’s swing even worse.

      Like telling someone sitting at the typewriter which keys to press with the standard typing technique won’t work if the keys aren’t where they should be…

      Now, if you get the setup properly as outlined in the “E = MCS” video, then you can go ahead and think of that one simple swing thought of the “straight down” right arm action. Provided you shift the pressure as well (don’t forget the lower body action focusing on the right arm), you should be really powerful through the swing bottom.

      Once I get my swing optimized, it will be the way it should be, following the EMCS vid, but I am certainly planning on an updated MCS Golf Swing video in the future – I have said that EMCS was it, and it still is and has everything laid out… however I want to make a video of better quality and for wider distribution than the last efforts. So… YES, there will be another video! 🙂

  2. Roger

    DJ You are so much on the money with your swing. On firing that throw your talking about. What has help me is to maintain spine angle and take his tip on the rug on the closeline he said take that head of the club and beat the rug with the club head It’s amazing how much clubhead speed comes at the ball

  3. Adam Tarbaux

    I finally found out what was causing my push. My club path is too inside. Any Ideas on how to fix it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Off-hand I’d say check your ball position with those clubs, and stance width. Too narrow and/or the ball too in between the feet, you’ll be coming from the inside to make contact…

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