I Actually Did It Yesterday (2nd Set Of Swings)

WAX Nation, near-tragedy averted!

I actually nearly deleted the first set of swings I had made yesterday and that would have been… not good…

I had come home with two sets of swings with because I moved to another, quieter part of the range to get some last swings in before I went home, and I only looked at the 2nd set, thinking they’d be the better ones.

Turns out, I was completely wrong, and when I took a look at the 1st set of swings this morning before I deleted them, I was shocked to see that I had actually nailed the model, more or less.

What happened with the 2nd set was that I had thought my ball position was little too inside, but it was the same in both sets – I did something in my setup on the 2nd set of swings that completely messed them up model-wise, but the 1st set… well, I’ll let you be the judge!

2nd Set vs 1st Set Address

You see the proof above, those of you who think that you can tinker with the model and get the same results, that it simply isn’t the case.

I had pushed my hands too far left (which made the ball look too far left), which you can see by the nearly straight angle between left arm and shaft, as opposed to the more-cupped wrist position and forward-leaning shaft from the 1st set of swings.

That put my setup all out of whack – you would hardly believe the two setups came from the same day, would you?

That more left-biased position was what made me dissatisfied looking at the swings I posted yesterday, and that was what caused the early heel lift into impact.

Now take a look at these swings, from the 1st set I shot yesterday:

Shifting head on the transition – gone!  And so much purer a “down” move starting the down swing.

It also proves something else I’ve been saying for years – the motion is the motion, and you will swing much better with the motion you have, when you improve your setup.

This is the way the model is designed to work, and it was only my first day swinging this way after breaking my action down to right-arm-only and then re-inserting the full-body part.

I may have one minor tweak or two such as stance width, as I think it could be a fraction narrower, and I mean a couple of inches or a few centimeters narrower than what I had above, and perhaps to see if I can flatten my left arm plane a tiny bit more.

This is essentially what I’ve been looking for however in pursuing the model I completed two years ago.

The action is there and this is what I was waiting for to begin the serious breakdown of the stance and swing as well as wrapping up the Final Edition of the MCS Golf Swing eBook.  As promised, anyone who purchased the 1st Edition will get the Final Edition at no extra cost!

Basically, two years after the “E = MCS” video and a little over a year since the release of the eBook 1st Edition, I have got around to matching my swing with the model in theory.

I have a key to the setup as well that I tried yesterday in order to stand as tall as possible over the ball, and it immediately made me think of Tiger Woods and his “firing glutes,” I’ll share that later when I stop laughing about it.

We’re there, WAX Nation!  I’ve got the model working the way I want it, and it’ll only get better and smoother (and faster & more powerful).

More to come!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video


4 thoughts on “I Actually Did It Yesterday (2nd Set Of Swings)

  1. Adam Tarbaux

    Hey dj so I was watching some swings of many great golfers and the one thing I noticed a lot of is the head lowering during the backswing and down swing, wouldn’t this caused consistency issues.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Depends on the amount of drop, Adam – remember that even the best swingers may have a slight imperfection in either setup or mechanical action, but it was usually setup. Even in the Classic era the swingers sometimes had neutral of left-biased stances. That required a shift off the ball, and you then getting shifting or dropping head on either the pivot or transition.

      We aren’t machines, so we’ll never have “perfect” swings, but the closer you get to a good swing model, the better you will swing.

      Some players additionally were and are gifted with extraordinary hand-eye coordination (Tiger Woods proved he could win with any swing, he just couldn’t stay physically sound with any swing), and that’s why the average or even good player will benefit from eliminating things that can cause inconsistency in the ball-striking.

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