Setup Looking Better! 7i & 4i Swings (Video – 2 Angles)

I have been working on my setup with regards to the down the line aspect and I nailed it on some swings yesterday, with a little more work to do to get my regular setup as good as the best ones.

I also hit some irons and it’s been a while since I posted any swings with the irons, so I compiled 7 and 4 swings, down the line and face on.

Looking at my setup down the line, here’s my 7 iron with the impact position as well:

I like a lot of things I see there, from the fixing of my right arm angle to the left arm being in place instead of extended, the top position and the nice low trailing heel at impact.

There are a couple of things I didn’t like about my setup and swing looking at them face-on (ball position a little too forward for both clubs, transition could have been smoother), but when you’re working on one thing, you sometimes get a little over-focused and neglect something else.

I felt very satisfied with the ball striking however, considering it felt very, very different from my usual feels due to the setup adjustment.

I want my swing as close as possible to the optimal model so that, when I complete the Final Edition of the MCS Golf Swing eBook, I won’t have to keep updating it with new pictures of certain positions (setup, top, impact).

The work continues, and I’m getting ever closer!

More to come.

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