Gee… The Classic Golf Swing Is “Genius??” Phil Mickelson/Golf Digest

While it’s nice to think that the Classic Golf Swing is genius, it’s simply the proper way to swing a golf club.

However, if Phil Mickelson is a genius for swinging that way, then maybe all of you MCS Golf Swing followers owe yourselves a round of applause!

All kidding aside, I’ve noted Classic swingers in the past who do it that way in the Modern Golf Swing era, the most notable being Phil, Vijay Singh and Bubba Watson as three examples of pure Classic Golf Swingers.

Here is a setup-top sequence made from two pics in the article:

The piece about Phil by Guy Yokom in the online Golf Digest is rather long-winded, but I can give you the relevant pieces that I think are what matter, in a little summary quote:

It’s time to recognize the swing that has enabled his longevity

He also became one of the best examples of longevity in tour history…

What are the reasons for that longevity? And what made him great in the first place? Could it be that his full swing, generally regarded as too long, loose and inconsistent, is an underrated cornerstone of a game built to last?

… Says Smith: “In the early years, Phil allowed his right heel to rise to accommodate that huge turn. That went away for a time, but I’m not sure that was the real Phil. His heel now is coming way up again.


Allow the knee of your front leg to move away from the target and the heel to rise.  Also let the hips turn as far as they’ll go without causing you to sway excessively, or cause your weight to drift to the outside of your back foot. Freedom is a source of Phil’s timing, speed and power and will help your swing’s longevity, too, says Rick Smith.

That’s really all you need to know with regards to what has made Phil Mickelson one of the longest-hitting pros in the game, even at nearing 50 years of age, and why he’s lasted so long in the game, despite having a degenerative arthritic condition.

And if you want to know, “if MCS Golf Swing’s model is so effective, why isn’t it being used on the PGA Tour?” then just look at Phil in reverse and check off how many of his setup and swing points match MCS:

In the setup, how about the “Leaning A” tilted stance, the location of the hands in relation to the leading thigh, and ball position?

At the top, what’s going on with the head location, free hip turn/“Swinging Gate” and the floating heel, if that isn’t all standard MCS orthodoxy?

In short, remember that MCS simply stands for Mechanically-Correct Swing,” and Phil’s career has been built on those principles.

Simply, he’s not destroyed his body swinging in the Modern Golf Swing style, and he’ll be able to play as long as he wants to be out there.

Vijay Singh swung in the same Classic method until after he turned 50 (and then bizarrely began to plant his leading heel, at the end of a Hall of Fame career swinging Classic), and he has the record as the winningest over-40 player ever on the PGA Tour.

So ask yourself, why aren’t people making the obvious connection to the fact that two the game’s longest hitters over their careers, with multiple majors, both winning majors in their 40’s, and one with the most wins over the age of 40… both swing in the Classic Golf Swing style?

It’s not a coincidence.

Just saying.

Carry on!

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Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

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If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

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9 thoughts on “Gee… The Classic Golf Swing Is “Genius??” Phil Mickelson/Golf Digest

  1. lupz27

    Create find DJ thanks for sharing.

    It truly is amazing that once you get the proper set up, it’s really just get to the top floating pivot, and then just uncork those hips, and just hold on for the ride.

    I hit my official 400 yard drive today! 545 yard par 5, from where it rested I had 143 yards left to the center pin! Now granted the hole plays with about a 50 yard elevated tee, and no rain in a few days with just about 85-90 degree temps with the sun baking them. But my last 3 drives on this hole have been crazy long, I always go after it a little extra 190 left, then 177, then 143, the very next hole I’ve also hit them crazy long 425 about 40 yards up hill No. 1 difficultly on the scorecard last 3 drives, 125 left, 97, then a miss hit off the toe found the fairway but had about 155 left.

    Funniest thing is I found my leverage by trying to teach my son using the floss dance he knows from fort nite, I just said hands in front of left hip, and floss, and every time I showed him I never thought once about my swing, and nutted like 20 straight not even caring lol.

    1. D Watts Post author

      … granted the hole plays with about a 50 yard elevated tee, and no rain in a few days with just about 85-90 degree temps with the sun baking them…

      That’s nothing worse than what you see week-in week-out on the Tour, Lupz! They still make a big deal out of 375 yard drives with 300 carry and 75 run-out, 400 yard drives at the Open or in Hawaii on a course with fairways running 45 degrees downhill… 😉 Counts just the same!

      Keep up the good work, my man.

      1. D Watts Post author

        I don’t know how it would help, but here’s my effort, B-Dog!!



        1. lupz27


          When I was explaining it to him I elaborated on just the hip action not the rest, just any visual for the kid to understand you HAVE to move those hips, and then we can work on moving them properly once he does not have to think about that anymore (the grip, and left side block slices can do me in for a week to months, and 95% of the time it’s the grip is off, and or I’m quitting on the pivot at the top, starting down swing way to early with zero hip movement).

          DJ I’m very excited because I am still leaving distance from the swing, I’m still swinging slightly left to target instead of straight to the ball, its very slight, but I feel, and see it. I’ll hopefully report back soon with a grooved swing consistently swing to the ball not the target see if I have any more distance to gain!


          I’d love a GIF of DJ flossing lower body down only smoothly, and also get a report back on if the visualization from the lower body down helps get those hips loose, and moving fast.

          1. D Watts Post author

            I’ll see what I can do, Lupz – anything for my guys, like I said. I do see how doing a Floss properly will really free up the hips, so perhaps an MCS clip on how to Floss might help people get those hips freed up after a lifetime or years of having been taught to restrict them.

            Let me work something out! 🙂

  2. Brandon Reeves

    ROFLMBO!!!!!!! I…..AM…….DEAD……RIGHT NOW!!

    Thanks Deej, I needed that

    1. D Watts Post author

      Anything for my guys, Brandon! And I guess that was you down in Okie that I heard roaring a few minutes ago? 😉

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