Found My Leverage Leak – This Could Be Big (For Me)

I’ve said over and over again that I created and developed the MCS Golf Swing model as an optimal athletic swing motion, not something personally for myself, and that I have lagged behind the model in my personal execution.

As pleased as I’ve been with my progress in adopting the model’s principles, it seems I have had a huge leverage leak in my setup that has prevented me from getting to that 100% execution of the theoretical model.

I won’t say anything more about it until I’ve been out to fix the leak and look at video, but I have been buzzing about this since Wednesday, the day after my last visit to the lab to work out the swing.

I posted about it and said I wasn’t yet ready to share video, and I happened to have been correct about that decision, because even though Tuesday’s swings were technically the best I’ve ever made, I’m pretty sure that they are already obsolete, and I hate posting video only to make it obsolete after a few days or weeks.

For now, let’s look at my setup from the angle in which the flaw is readily apparent:

Sure, there is the progress to be shared with everyone who has been on this journey with me, so I’ll share the gifs of a swing from Tuesday on that down the line angle.

Right now the Canadian and American national holidays are upon us, and I should have something to say about this development by next midweek.

This is why I was so emphatic in repeating Mr. McJohn’s comment back to him yesterday – the flaw in my setup has prevented me from maximizing my leverage and power.

Whatever anyone may think of the numbers I’ve put up from last year, I was sure I could surpass them and just couldn’t find the speed-brake.

I’ve now found it, and whether or not fixing will improve my numbers, I know one thing – even if my power and speed numbers remain relatively the same (which I doubt, but let’s just say), one thing that will improve will be my accuracy and consistency overall.

Anything in the setup that isn’t optimal, or that is flat-out flawed, as I believe is the case with yours truly, will affect mechanical action, and anything that does this will require timing and hand-eye coordination to overcome it.

We all know by now that anything that relies on timing and hand-eye will yield inconsistent performance over time, and so, even if I don’t dramatically increase my leverage and power, I know that it will definitely improve my overall ball-striking, which isn’t too bad right now as things stand.

So, apologies to everyone that we’re entering July and I’m still working on this, but I really can’t begin to reinforce and emphasize all of the great aspects of the MCS Golf Swing model until I can prove with my own swing that matching the model is possible.

Hopefully however, we’re nearly there.

More to come!

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