Holy Moly – Here’s A Short Back Swing W/Big Hip & Leg Action!

I was correct when I hesitated to post video from last week’s swing session, because I had a hunch about something that I wanted to check out before doing so.

I got out today and made some swings on video and sure enough, I was right!

The difference – well, you’ll see the “shortest” back swing you’ve even see me make, but still with a big hip & leg action:

Yes, that was my top position today.

I haven’t had time to look at all the video, but here is one swing from the face-on angle that I was able to gif. with a little pic sequence:

As you can see from the real-time speed gif., I was “swinging for the fences” with a nice recoil showing how relaxed my body was at the finish, and there were actually two things I did today that I haven’t done before, feel-wise.

I’ll be explaining those two things in time when I can fully articulate the changes in my “feel” for these swings.

You can clearly see the difference in the shaft positions from last week:


To today’s top:

In a very small nutshell, the two things I did today were

  1. Try to get a more “under” feel on the back swing pivot to keep myself from pulling the hands up as has been my habit for years, and to terminate the back pivot when I felt I had reached my limit, rather than trying to get more out of it and
  2. Feeling a little more right tilt in the transition and down swing, so that I could really get after the ball like a baseball home-run swing (but without an open-shoulders impact), which let me get that “drop” a little better.

That’s as good an explanation as I can muster at the moment, so I’ll have to put some thought into the exact wording for later, and of course I’ll be able to demonstrate what I was doing today as well.

One thing I am delighted about is that I now have no issues at all with my swing plane, and for someone who struggled with steep down swings and always had to manipulate the swing to keep the plane neutral – today, I was swing pretty darned hard at the ball and at no time did I ever worry or even think about my swing plane.

It will be fine if you take care of the setup and mechanics, and all of that mock-swinging you see from the players on TV where they are always checking their angles – this is why they have days where they can’t hit a barn from the inside, which happens when you are relying on manipulation and hand-eye coordination to strike the ball solidly.

Build the proper set-up and perform the proper mechanics and swing plane issues will be a thing of the past!

The best part?

Today was the first time trying these changes and, after a few swings to get used to the difference in feel, I made the best swings, technically, I have ever made.

Now, just imagine how I’ll feel about things after a little time to really get used to and groove this action!

More, much more to come, WAX Nation.

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4 thoughts on “Holy Moly – Here’s A Short Back Swing W/Big Hip & Leg Action!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you Peter! Today is the first day I’ve been able to fully translate the feel of my SwingRite back swing to the actual swing. I’d gotten close, but the new and compact version on which I worked during the winter… today was it! 🙂

  1. FAS

    That is a short backswing? I wish I could take it back that far, I’m more after the Doug Sanders mould LOL well, maybe not quite that short!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      That is a short backswing? I wish I could take it back that far, I’m more after the Doug Sanders mould LOL well, maybe not quite that short!!

      That is pretty short, FAS! LOL. Everything is relative however, because for myself, this is a very short back swing compared to what it was at one time, now if I could reduce my waistline, I’d be set:

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