OK, WAX Nation – HERE Is An MCS PIVOT! (Pics)

I’ve got some great video for you all, having finally put all of the pieces together in just the 6th swing session of the season…

I’ve never liked the positions and the actions in my swing as much as I do those from today, I have to tell you!

As you can surmise, I’m excited about this, because every time I took video, there was something here I neglected to do while working on something, or there was something somewhere else.

Some screen shots from my iPhone:

While the action/execution may very well improve as I go forward working on this exact swing, this is exactly what I want to see in my swing.

I will have to edit video, but I actually got swings from 5 different angles – the usual Down The Line, Face-On and Front Diagonal, but also from direct Rear View Angle and Reverse Front Diagonal views as well.

Now, if you look at the top versus impact positions, you can see that it’s all in the hips & legs, and look how aggressively I was able to “step into it” down into and through impact, with no holding back or attempting to steer or manipulate the club or club head swinging down.

Below, you see the Ben Hogan “Perfect Pivot” action where, when you get it right, the right hip goes back and behind you with that right supporting leg extending:

Lots of video to look through and edit, but I hope to have some video ready by tomorrow.

I’ve been working on that pivot action all winter and the only thing I’ve been trying to do in my swing sessions has been to try to translate or carry my SwingRite swing action indoors through the winter and spring to my swing with an actual club.

It looks like I finally got the right feels and action, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Now, I will have another session to make sure I got it down, and then I can get down to grooving this action with all of my clubs from wedge to Driver.

Took a while, but things are at last settling into place!

And I was correct, FYI, regarding the “Push-Push” concept of the swing action, which I’ll be able to discuss now that the testing has yielded the expected result.

That’s it for today, but what a day it has been, friends!


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