Swing Gifs From June 12, Open Thread & Happy Father’s Day Guys!

Well, it’s been quite the spring for me so far!

My Liverpool FC won the UEFA Champions League two weeks ago, and all of Canada’s Toronto Raptors captured their 1st NBA Championship title on Thursday, 24 years after coming into existence.

So, considering that I’ll be spending Father’s Day with immediate and extended family, I have no more to ask this Sunday sports-wise, except perhaps a stirring finish to the U.S. Open later this evening when things have quieted down.

I have no hard favorites, but since Rory McIlroy showed such class in becoming the latest Canadian Open champion last week, I suppose I’m hoping just a little that he drives it long and straight and makes a few putts to make it close if not taking it.

Consider this an Open Thread for the U.S. Open Final Round if anyone is disposed to comment during the proceedings, or to opine on anything in general.  I might not be around much, though I’ll of course be keeping an eye on the blog if something spectacular occurs.

As for my trip to the range on Wednesday, there’s no point in posting video because I’m still halfway to the improved pivot action I began working on a few weeks back – the video would nearly instantly obsolete, so I’ll just post gifs of the standard three angles I usually shoot:

I have been looking quite a bit at Mike Dunaway’s pivot and I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying for a couple of years now – the optimal, “perfect” if you will, MCS Golf Swing model is virtually the same model as Dunaway’s with two differences.

Those would be

  • a little more hip turn and thus a degree of higher heel lift than Dunaway and of course
  • the right-biased spine tiled setup to ensure a more stable head position during the swing.

I went over the video from Wednesday and surmised that I was not performing a very crucial action in the setup and pre-swing – the “press,” which puts you in that “Dropping The Hammer” position with regards to the hands and arms!

This is the thing I’ve also written about – making swing changes always makes you prone to missing something in the many puzzle pieces that comprise putting a swing together.  While working on one thing, it is imperative to always ensure you’re taking care of everything and not just that which you’re working to change.

Mike Dunaway

As you can see below, I did a good job getting more right leg extension on the back pivot, but while doing that, I neglected something else.

Come to think of it, I likely haven’t been doing it the entire spring, although I’ve only had 5 days of swinging thus far.

So, back to the puzzle table next time out to get that “press” piece back in, and then I’ll have another look.

I wish you all a great U.S. Open Sunday and bid the fathers among us a Happy Father’s Day, and likely will see you on the other side of the Final Round!


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