My Mizuno MP-14 Forged Irons

I had a pleasant surprise gift from The Welshman a couple of weeks back on my last session at the range, when we got together to hit some balls together after the long winter.

He had found a nice vintage set of Mizuno MP-14 forged blades (he likes to pore through sell sites like Kijiji exactly to find gems like this), and got them for me.

Although I was working on my swing changes, primarily with Driver (if you can hit Driver, all other clubs shouldn’t be a problem) but I did hit a few balls with the short irons and the 3 iron.

A bit of trivia: Tiger Woods used Mizuno MP-14 forged irons in his 1st U.S. Amateur victory & his 1st time playing at The Masters.

I can’t remember the last time I even hit a 3 iron, as I usually only carry down to the 4 in my bag for playing purposes, but I have to say, once I got used to it, I was hitting that forged Mizuno 3 iron nearly as far as I would hit the more traditional cast iron clubs.

The sound of crisp contact with a forged iron, as those of you who’ve swung them, is music to one’s ears, is it not?

There wasn’t much to see on the face of the 3 iron as I was fairly sweeping it, but I took a picture of the 8 iron face before I cleaned it, and when you hit the sweet spot on the forged irons, you get a lovely sound and beautiful flight:

I’m showing that 8 iron contact picture above not to boast about anything, rather to illustrate that, with my MCS Golf Swing model, I have struck balls exactly four times this season after a 9 month layoff (end of July to early May), and that is the contact I was getting on my 4th day.

It’s like riding a bike or learning a proper free-throw technique in basketball – once you have it, you shouldn’t lose it, and even after as long as a 9-months layoff hitting any balls at all, you can get right back to getting as solid a contact as you were getting before you took time off.

I said as much to Fred Greene during his interview with me on his “GolfSmarter” podcast from two weeks ago.

Here’s yours truly with The Welshman during our first meeting couple of summers back – note the Liverpool FC cap he’s wearing!

The Welshman & DJ

I will, when I have some time, get these irons adjusted for loft and lie, as forged irons will bend very easily over time (and if I decide to play them on the course, likely a re-shafting as they’re slightly short for me), but I was loving them out of the bag on PGA Championship Sunday!

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video

8 thoughts on “My Mizuno MP-14 Forged Irons

  1. Brandon

    I am so jealous. There is only one set of irons that I covet more is the Wilson FG-17. Those Mizzy’s are beautiful though. I wish a fitting session with Ian from TXG wasn’t so expensive. Would love to see a video of you and him doing a fitting and watch him dial you in on your specs. That would be sweet.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You should have seen those 3 irons, B. Absolutely gorgeous sound and flight!

      As for Ian, just hold tight for a bit – I will likely do a fitting with him eventually, once I have my swing ironed out and I know exactly what my numbers will be going forward. As it is, my swing changes here and there from the changes I make, and I simply am not going to get a fitting when the numbers change from week to week.

      Once I’ve got it all down – TXG fitting session, here I come!

      And if he lets me video it, it’ll be here to view 🙂

      1. Brandon

        I have been binge watching him and Matt’s youtube channel and I am addicted with the knowledge that they throw out. I am sure he will let you and he may record you and put you on his channel. That would be so awesome. I want to do a full bag fitting with him as well but like you, i am just now starting to find the time to start swinging again and I need to iron some things out as well. I was hitting my 3 iron yesterday better than I have in a long time, high straight baby fades but I know that I need to put a camera on me to actually see where I am. I want to go to TXG either at the end of this year or spring of next year but only time will tell. Have you seen the channel?

        1. D Watts Post author

          Nice guys, the chaps at TXG. I have seen the channel but not watched any of the videos. Perhaps I’ll do so now that you’re talking about it!

  2. Paul Cervantes

    Good Deal, DJ! Those old Mizuno forgings are fantastic. Post MP-60 a lot of their plating quality went bye-bye. One correction though, back in ‘96 and thru the Masters TW actually used a hybrid set, MP-29 for long irons and MP-14 for 5-iron and shorter, if I recall correctly. Anyway, all of the Mizunos from that era were sweet as butter when struck purely. Enjoy them! Cheers. -Paul

    1. D Watts Post author

      One correction though, back in ‘96 and thru the Masters TW actually used a hybrid set, MP-29 for long irons and MP-14 for 5-iron and shorter, if I recall correctly.

      I’m sure you would know better than I about that, Paul! Thanks for the clarification 😀


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