My Favorite PGA Tour Player Swing – Luke List

On this PGA Championship moving day, I thought I’d look back at a particular golf swing of a player currently T4 going into Round 3..

With all of my personal angst regarding finding and building an “optimal” golf swing, I would like to stress in this posting that “optimal” simply means to me, the best possible swing action you can make with regards to efficiency, speed production and accuracy/consistency.

That doesn’t mean that a swing that isn’t “optimal” is bad – when I say a swing is mechanically-sound, but not optimal, I mean that I fully endorse a swing action like that but that it could be even better.

That said, I have to say that my favorite swing from a PGA Tour player (or any pro tour, for that matter) has to be Luke List’s Classic Golf Swing action.

When I look at all of the aspects of a swing that I would evaluate, there is virtually nothing “wrong” with List’s action, mechanically-speaking.

I’ve mentioned his very solid setup

Here’s a look:

Looking at the entire swing in one piece, it’s poetry in action.

I can point to:

  • the great back pivot with the “Swinging Gate” left thigh and the free and full hip turn with the “floating heel” in the leading foot, creating that “floating pivot” with the head stable even with a big back pivot move,
  • the effortless leverage to transition and drop the hands and club caused by the full  and aggressive shift to the leading foot, the MCS “Drop” into the “Pop,”

  • the proof that shift in the release of the trailing foot (watch the front foot, completely stable, while the trailing toe slides slightly at impact) and
  • the no-hold-off release with the right wrist and forearm rotating over the left to form a straight line between right arm and shaft very shortly after impact.


In short, if you asked me to point to the swing that best represents MCS Golf Swing principles in action, I’d have to say, “doesn’t get any closer in real life at this moment than L.L.”

Few if any complaints, or rather “critiques,” which would be a very short List, pardon the pun:

  • Stance a little wide and combined with the lower heel lift than optimal, a little twisting in the lower back which could become a problem at an older age, as happens with power swingers who have any torque in the lower back at all and
  • the angle isn’t completely straight-on, so the ball is not that far away from the left heel as it appears, but it is more inside the left heel than optimal, causing that slight hyper-extension of the leading leg into impact, which is necessary to move the swing bottom further inside the stance. This could have something to do with his low ranking in fairways hit, because any compensations, especially in a high-speed swing, will cause consistency/accuracy issues.

That’s it. 2 slight critiques on what I feel would make this awesome swing a poster swing, but it’s so close anyway, I can look at that swing all day long without wincing, which is what I usually do when I look at Tour swings in slow motion.

I don’t know how much of Luke you’ll see during the broadcast, but I daresay you’ll see a lot more of him and other players with a certain player having missed the cut – so if you’re looking for an “MCS-type” swing, keep an eye out for Mr. List.

His swing mechanics are so good. The reason he hasn’t yet broken out with a win so far in his career, you can put at the feet of his very low ranking in putting (currently 191st in SG Putting) and overall short game (currently 84th in SG Around The Green).

If his short game ever catches up to his swing mechanics, he’ll be my favorite in every event in which he plays.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

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