Check Out This Slammed Driver Footwork (Low Heel Impact)

I was able to get out to the range today to see how the adjustments to my setup worked out, and I was quite pleased with the results.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a much better impact position than I did today with regards to the footwork, but while I continue to look at video, you can have a look at a drive that I absolutely slammed.

Things are at the point now where I can begin compiling new swings on video from wedge up to driver with this improved action and I am happy that it only took three sessions to iron out what I wanted to fix over the winter.

First, you’ll see that at impact, even with a lusty go at it, the heel is just beginning to come up as I arrive into impact, and if you’ve heard of the footwork to a proper golf swing looking like a dance move, I think I’ve got something like that going on.

Here it is, and yes, I did “get after it…”

It’s probably safe to say now that my past-parallel shaft at the top is a thing of the past, except perhaps when I swing the long drive clubs, and I’m still getting used to it – I haven’t had a shaft like that at impact in nearly ten years!

From to-be-edited video showing the front, my top position today:

So, what I actually adjusted in my setup was the aforementioned set of the legs and hips (and my left hip feels nicely stretched out, physical proof that I was doing something different from usual), and also using more right arm from the top instead of trying to pull down with the left arm.

Here’s that footwork as well as that down-and-through extension of the right arm through impact without trying to drag the club with a spin-out of the hips & body:

I’ll leave you all with this for now as I have some more stuff to look at before I edit and post – the lighting conditions weren’t the best either as rain was approaching.

You can be sure I’m not done yet with my swing (if I’ll ever be, because I love working on it), but I’m close enough to the optimal model that I can now illustrate what I’ll be discussing this coming season using myself as the model.

Enjoy PGA Championship Friday, everyone!

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