I’m Learning From My Own Model – The Trailing Heel

We recently had some convo in the comments section regarding my frustration with how the optimal MCS Golf Swing model has a flat-to-very-low trailing heel at impact (for leveraging and “using the ground”purposes).

Once again, my failure to execute the swing to achieve this stems from my not following my own dictates with the model.

Sometimes, you really need to step back and ask yourself, “Am I doing this properly, or do I just think I’m doing it properly?”

I did that after my 2nd range session last week and having been off for 9 months is no excuse – I simply wasn’t setting up in the very manner I describe in the “E = MCS” video with regards to Impact vs Address.

There’s nothing wrong with the setup, if you’re speaking mechanically, but it was a setup that, when I checked my “Address vs Impact,” was inevitably going to have the trailing heel coming up during the down swing prior to impact:

I’ve gone over it and over it, and that’s all it has been – I was setting up and expecting a result that was not going to be possible with the setup, unless I did something to manipulate the swing.

And you all know how I feel about swinging with compensations and manipulations, however well you’re striking it – courting disaster!!

Not only that, I found that the same setup would cause a pull or pull hook if I did try to come into impact with a flat trailing heel, because the natural impact position with the setup I was using has a raised heel.

In case you’re wondering what in Hades all of this is about, I will explain it once I’ve verified what I’m pretty sure was the issue, in my next swing session.

The name of the game, as with any other sport, is to make your technique as natural and unconscious (un-manipulated) as possible, because that’s what happens when you’re in competition.

The more mechanically-sound you can make your swing, and the more you practice it, the more unconsciously you can swing on the course.  Because, we all know what happens when you start thinking about your swing mechanics while playing – absolute mental chaos

My personal issues with the golf swing have always been that, as someone who played numerous sports in my youth, I learned to practice technique until it became 2nd nature and just react while on the field/court/diamond/track.

With the golf swing, I could train myself to swing very well in terms of ball-striking, distance and accuracy, while on the range, because that was my focus – the problem was that the Modern Golf Swing principles I was taught are nothing more than a series of compensations, one after the other, to get around swinging naturally with a free hip turn and lifting leading heel.

The minute I got into a “game situation,” that is on the course, trying to bring home a score, everything would either go very well or fall completely apart, or a combination of both – you know, when you go even or under par on the front nine and then can’t break 45 on the back because your swing fell apart with the first iffy shot.

So, I should know soon if I’ve learned my lesson and made my setup what it should be according the MCS Golf Swing optimal model!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

9 thoughts on “I’m Learning From My Own Model – The Trailing Heel

  1. lupz27

    Speaking of setup, I’m definitely nowhere near where I should be setting up to the ball, even after watching all the videos again (it’s not the videos it’s my mental, or lack there of mental abilities to take what I know mentally, and apply it physically.

    Also I don’t think I’ll get the setup correct until I fix the grip, I may have made some hay there, think I was holding the club to much in the palms, and not enough in the fingers, but IDK that may even be wrong maybe your supposed to hold it in the palms.

    Anyways that leads me to my question, I see axe handle baseball bats are supposedly revolutionizing hitting. True, or not that’s what they want you to believe, and I can see why guys would love it.

    So first is there axe handle grips for golf clubs? Second if so, or if not would they be legal to use. And third IF that became/is an option what would your thoughts be on the topic DJ? Not the right grip for golf? Perfect grip for golf? I swear it seems if I had an axe handle in my hands attached to a driver I’d feel like I could hit it to the moon without even trying.

    Not many go into great detail about the grip IMO, and I’d bet a very large number of golfers have zero clue how to properly grip a club like myself for the swing model they are trying to use in my case which will NEVER change the MCS model.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Early in my swing research, Lupz, I had very thick grips and held the clubs baseball style to see how that worked. I did that after seeing Moe Norman’s thick grips. So you can grip the club with the thumbs down the shaft as usual or go pure baseball-bat grip.

      If you’re thinking of using a baseball-type grip because of hand issues, there is no negative that I found. That’s my take on it after having tried it.

      1. lupz27

        I swung with baseball grip all my left thumb down shaft though no overlapping, or interconnection of the pinky and pointer finger. Took a year off from golf, and first range session got a blister on right pinky from the friction so finished with overlap grip (can’t interconnect because of cyst of pointer finger), and never changed back, and the issue seems for me that when I am swinging mainly with my right side, and most importantly right hand is the hand that is firmly enough on the club to activate that right side, right now my left hand is driving the swing and I can’t get my left side and hand out of the way while staying back so my right side can do it’s thing, tried going back to baseball grip while it activates the right side, but I’m always fighting with the thought to overlap, and then both hands are fighting who is in control if that makes sense instead of working together as one.

        Leading side leverage was always a bad swing concept for myself to grasp, but once you introduced the hammer concept with the right hand the whole understanding of the PROPER MCS swing concept came into focus mentally, I just can’t translate that over to physically, except the days for some reason I’m unconsciously swinging with big legs little arms and don’t realize till the next time I play or practice and it’s small to no legs and all arms and back which leads to golf vacation till the back pain heals.

  2. lupz27

    “I learned to practice technique until it became 2nd nature and just react while on the field/court/diamond/track.”

    Same, but golf is the only sport I can’t do this, buddy of mine 40 years old hasn’t been to the range since HS, and NEVER practices short game, shows up at 7:45 AM 3 hours sleep still half in the bag buckling pants on 1st tee box grabs his driver sets up to ball in like a split second and boom pounds it 300 down the middle like WTF?

    I wonder if you put an axe handle grip on that golf club if a lot more athletes would have less issues hitting a golf ball.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Some things, once you learn and ingrain them, never go away, Lupz. Doesn’t seem fair when you see someone else doing it, does it? I’ve done the same after not playing ice hockey since 13 years of age. I stepped back on the ice in my mid-20’s with some borrowed skates and a stick and it felt like I’d never stopped playing!

      Granted, the more time you’ve spent doing something at a young age, the likelier you are to still have it years later. And I played a lot of hockey as a kid 🙂

  3. lupz27

    Last comment

    As far as making contact with the trailing foot still planted at impact isn’t that a issue with how far you stand away from the ball, and how tight your pivot is, and how erect your stance is so you can get to the ball with a full release at impact with trailing leg still on ground, using the other adjustments to perfect your setup that has the ball closer then most people would normally have the ball in their stance. Or something along those lines, I may be way off so apologies if I am.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Could be any one of those things, Lupz. For me, it’s just not getting the proper set in the legs and spine angle. Not enough kick-in, not enough spine tilt, and when I come back to impact from that setup with a stable head, the heel has to be up. Once I make the adjustment, should be good to go. I’ll know soon! 😀

      1. lupz27

        All I know is the few occasions I struck a ball with the proper MCS technique setup ect you teach with that right foot still planted its such a SHOCK that turns to awe, it’s like wow that was effortless, where is the ball? Proceeds to look a tad higher, and longer, and more shock hits like wow really that ball is sky high, but not falling out of the sky traveling like 15-40 yards further then I normally hit that club without even trying, and that is why I’m still here HOOKED on trying to replicate that over, and over, and over. Just wish I found this passion 20 years ago before back injury and kids.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Never too late, Lupz! As long as you have that passion, you can do something with it. Onward! 🙂

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