Season Day 2 Video – Driver (How I Make A Swing Change)

I went about it all wrong on Monday when I hit the range for my first swing session since last summer.

First off, I made adjustments to my action as I have been writing about, during the winter layoff, and when I got back out there, I was trying to do it all at once.

That doesn’t work very well, so on Tuesday, I looked at the swings from Monday and compared them to my winter SwingRite workout action, to figure out what I was still not doing the way I wanted to.

I then took one aspect of the swing, initial back pivot move with the left arm angle going back to the top, and worked on that only.

And guess what – it paid off!

Here’s my top position from one of the swings I’ve got on the video clip:

Compare that to the top position I had on Monday when I was trying to do it all once:

Night and Day!

So, on Monday you can tell I was more focused on the leg and hip action, so there’s more of the Ben Hogan “Perfect Pivot” action than I was performing yesterday, but the fact that I was working on my left arm angle means a world of difference in the top positions.

I have more weight to to the right side at the top, with the head more over the knee and foot than on Monday, and of course, even with a full and unconscious back swing, I get to the top at parallel with the shaft.

Impact Looking Good…

So, the moral of my particular lesson is that, while my pivot action was on point Monday, the angle issue with my left arm was the problem I needed to solve (being left-handed, I tend to lift going to the top rather than keeping the left arm neutral, which steepens the plane and gets me past parallel).

So, while I still had a tight top position, I didn’t like the plane and actual position, so I fixed that.

Now, having worked on this, I can combine the “feel” of what I was doing yesterday with regards to my left arm to the rest of my action, and I’ll get the leg action back to what it was on Monday.

Next time out, I should be closer to my optimal model, and then we’ll see what else I can adjust to keep getting closer and closer!

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