After Over 9 Months Off – My MCS Golf Swings From Yesterday!

I wasn’t expecting to swing perfectly my first day hitting balls again after nearly 9 and a half months off – the last ball I struck had been at the TXG Golf facility back in late July of last summer but I was pretty happy with what I saw after I got the video home.

It’s been a very late warm-up after the winter so the facility is still on mats until at least next week, but the weather again will be cold and wet so I likely won’t get back out until next week again anyways.

So, my first comments about things?

How about hitting a jumbo bucket of balls, probably half of them with full-out swings with the Driver (I hit some other clubs from wedge to 4 iron as well), and not breaking a sweat with the MCS swing model?

I’m pretty sore and stiff today, but that’s no different from how anyone feels after their first training session of the season following an off-season – and who do you know can pick up a golf club and rip driver after with 9 months off and not hurt something?

It’s all in the technique, my friends – I knew I’d feel the physical effects of it the following day but I was in sports my whole life until my college days, and training soreness doesn’t phase me – I simply knew that, swinging with the MCS model, I was very unlikely to actually hurt myself, and of course I didn’t.

So, yesterday was more a get-back-into-it session, so I could get some video and see what I need to work on to bring the swing into line with the SwingRite action from the winter, and I wasn’t far off.

In fact, I’d say the swings I got on video are as good as anything I did last season (barring full speed and power after the long layoff) and that’s pretty satisfying.

I’ll be working on the video I compiled, but I have some full swing to show below while I edit the slo-mo:

Apologies for my appearance – I gained some weight with the layoff, especially with not being able to swing or exercise over the winter due to the asthma diagnosis, the cracked ribs and the recovery, so I’m not exactly trim!

That of course is part of the proof of the MCS Golf Swing theory and model – how many Modern Golf Swinging pros do you think could take 9 months off and then pick up their clubs and start taking full-swing rips with the driver and not fall apart after the first few!

Technique over muscle power is how you reduce the risks of injury, but then everyone reading this blog already knows that.

Shorter Back Swing – Nearly Parallel

One thing you’ll notice is that, where I was working on shortening my back swing last summer, the tightening has taken effect and my natural, not-thinking-about-anything swings have a much tighter and shorter top position.

So, that is looking alright and my back swing might get even shorter as I implement the full aspects of what I was working over the winter months.

On to the slo-mo clips, and we will soon be able to discuss it all!

More to come.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

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    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks D.L. – however, I just got back from a quick trip to the range, and things look even better on the 2nd day back!

      Let me get some editing done and you’ll see tonight! 😀

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