Feel Isn’t Real – At First…

I am still waiting for conditions in this area to allow some good swinging and video-taking, but while doing so, I’ve been getting my swing muscles back into shape after a long season off (I haven’t hit a ball in about 9 months to date), and I discovered something surprising today.

I’ve been working on the speed aspect of the pivot, just trying to get raw speed with the SwingRite, and take a look at the top position of my absolute fastest swings through the bottom:

That isn’t even a parallel shaft, and yet this is how long my back swing has been on my fastest swings – the SwingRite doesn’t lie, and when I make a longer back swing, even to parallel, I can’t click the device on the setting I have it. Not even close.

And there’s some bottom speed there, my friends!

In case you’re wondering, I’ve got some furniture set up in my home office where there’s about 18″ of gap between which I swing the device, and if you think there’s a psychological barrier to swinging through such a gap at high speed – not if you’re swinging perfectly on plane!

Back to the “Feel Isn’t Real” aspect of it – I couldn’t believe how short my back swing felt, when I would swing this way.  Even though it was the only way to get the speed at the bottom to click the SwingRite on that setting.

So I got it on video to see for myself how short it was, and I was shocked to see that it is nearly at parallel when it felt like half a back swing.

So, it was a lot longer back swing than it felt, is what I’m saying, which is the point – it’s not how long one’s back swing is, but rather the position from which to swing and the proper leveraging of the club which will get you acceleration and speed.

I would have a much higher club speed with a swing like the one above compared to previous swings where I looked like this at the top:

It’s been a long, cold winter and a fairly non-existent spring, but the weather is bound to turn eventually, and I can get this season underway.

No Indoor Facility…

Til then, I watch the rain fall outside my office window and try to prepare as best I can without the indoor facility in which to practice…

More to come!

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