How To Turn “Feel” Into Solid Mechanics (Or At Least How I Did It)

I’ve been talking about how I tightened up my pivot action and got a lot more pop in my down swing over the winter, and there’s a process you can follow to get the same results for those times you feel you really “got hold of one” with a swing.

I don’t like the process of trying to convey one’s “feels” to another, but for yourself, the “feels” are the key to your own swing.

Here’s what I did myself:

  • I found that when I swung with a certain “feel,” I got better results than swinging another slightly different way,
  • I practiced first on swinging with the same “feel” to make sure that what I was doing wasn’t a one-time thing,
  • When I got to where I was getting the same results on most or all swings with the same “feel,” I knew I had something in there somewhere,
  • Next, instead of just swinging with that “feel,” I paid close attention to the way I was moving in that same swing,
  • I took those motions and compared them to the way I had been swinging before, and then
  • I knew what I was doing differently, and implemented those changes permanently

Now, it takes some degree of self-awareness to make swing changes, which is why most people rely on someone else to tell them what to change, but if you’re swinging well enough that you know you’re in the ballpark on mechanics, then you can train yourself to swing a certain way and then to compare what you’re doing to the way you usually swing.

It may take some time, but I actually made a couple more improvements to my action after the initial change I made to make my top position tighter, that discovery coming in late autumn.

Since then, I’ve adjusted my left arm position (plane at the top) and deepened my right hip turn on the back pivot using the process of asking myself, “Hmm, I’m swinging with more pop with this particular feel, what exactly am I doing here compared to usual?”

From there, I have now built my new MCS model, still along the lines of the “One Major Move” concept from the videos, but with a couple of new and different “feels” which I make sure I have when working on my swing.

I’m feeling very good about the new action, because after my swinging on Saturday with the SwingRite, I felt soreness on both sides of my torso and hips – the leading or left side from the extra leveraging tension I’ve picked up, and the right side from the force of the follow-through with the fastest swings.

So… everything’s in place while I just ingrain the new feels.

Within time, the swing will become unconscious and I won’t have to rely on the “feels,” because anything different will feel exactly that – different and therefore bad!

I should be getting out to swing for real within the next week – just waiting on the weather to cooperate as I want to get video and perhaps some numbers, but all of that will come later anyways when the facilities move from mats to natural grass.

I hate mats, to be honest, which is why I haven’t been pulling my hair out waiting for good weather.

But it won’t be long now, and then we can really get into what I changed over the winter (once I’ve confirmed everything is in place with real swinging and ball-striking) along with full discussion.

And I’ve got a lot to talk about, believe me – just waiting to confirm the lab work before I begin.

More to come!

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