For Leverage & Down Swing Speed, Try This “Feel” At Address

I’ve been working on my own setup and pivot mechanics all winter, as you all know, because until it’s perfect, you can always make it better, and even if you never get there, it’s a fun journey to improve over time.

I would say that this “feel” for me at address gives me a great feeling of down swing speed and the gravity factor coming down makes the actual swing feel effortless through the bottom.

If you’ve got your MCS setup going OK but you feel you need extra “pop,” then try this dual feeling at address:

  1. For the leading hand (left for right-handed swingers), we’ve discussed the proper position of the arm and the club in the grip of the hand, but try to feel as though you’re pushing the shaft of the club down into the right hand – this will serve to make that arm nice and straight before you begin the pivot and give you excellent “measurement” to your ball,
  2. With the trailing hand, get the opposite feeling, as if you’re both holding the grip of the club up against the downward pressure of the leading hand but also allowing the downward pressure to straighten that arm.

** This is an excellent “feel” to try to attain if you’re getting used to the neutral grip, because I find that setting up with this feel automatically keeps my hands in the neutral grip position.

That means you’re increasing the chances of coming into impact with a square club face every time you put a swing on the ball.

Now, you simply shift weight and perform that “One Major Move” to the top, after which you reverse the shift and “step into it” with the drop to “3 O’Clock.”

I’ve even been doing this when working on my SwingRite practice and this is the feeling I like to have.

Key Thought For The Day

Remember that you swing down into the swing bottom, not out at the target – the club will move forward through the ball naturally as the swing is an arc and not a straight line either down or out.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video


6 thoughts on “For Leverage & Down Swing Speed, Try This “Feel” At Address

  1. Jason

    Thanks DJ. Been thinking about this one quite a lot since our text convo. Has really changed my setup and thinking.

  2. lupz27

    I can’t grip the golf club comfortably going on 7 years now and because of this I can’t get the set up proper.

    Now I have gotten the grip correct on occasion though it doesn’t stay correct over time, and when it’s correct I play Tee, Fairway, Greens golf which makes it much more frustrating. I have small hands, HAVE to use the overlap grip because I can’t lock my pinky and pointer finger due to a cyst on my pointer finger, and the baseball grip is to inconsistent and definitely inferior to the overlap IMO and I used the baseball grip for years.

    I’ve had multiple people try and help no luck, I can’t get my 3 fingers on right hand to secure my grip on the club with the right hand so the club will occasionally rotate in my left hand opening the club face, and just feeling comfortable to start the swing is a chore because I feel so uncomfortable with my right hand grip like I would lose the club which makes me look 10x worse then Sergio pre shot routine trying to grip the club with my right hand.

    I’ve tried a million things if any ideas please help it’s literally the one piece of the puzzle I’m missing, well that and fighting the swinging left battle which I’m winning with Driver, and short irons IF I can grip it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve got short fingers as well, Lupz, but I’ve swung everything from normal gripped clubs to over-sized to arthritic and even home-fashioned grips that were as thick as baseball handles, so I think it’s probably more a comfort thing with you if I had to guess. If you really can’t grip the club properly however, have you tried using small grips, like junior’s or ladies? Might help you hang on a little better.

      If it’s a comfort thing, the only advice I can give is that everything that feels uncomfortable will feel perfectly natural after a while if you stick to hit and just swing. I’ve had that same thing changing aspects of my stance or grip over the years, many times the proper fix just felt so strange that I would fight it, but by sticking to it, I got used to it.

      I hope that helps!


      1. lupz27

        I have junior size grips on my clubs, and I’ve had the same grip for 3 years because it’s the only grip I can take now (I prefer the baseball grip but can’t use it anymore, hate the interlock grip but hate that anyways).

        I use the overlap on 3rd year and I’ll go through stretches where it’s not as bad gripping it, but most times it’s impossible to get my ring finger on the club, I just don’t get it, and I’ve had several golf pros tell me I’m gripping it properly for a neutral grip but just can’t get that ring finger on the club and that makes it unsecure in my right hand at times so weird.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Sounds like a problem that comes and goes, Lupz. It could simply be related to your finger cyst unfortunately, because then you’re at the mercy of physical issues. Keep trying though, because if it’s just a feel and comfort issue, you’ll get used to it the more and the longer you do!

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