More Launch Monitor Phone Apps (Shot Tracers)

I wrote recently about how I was eager to test out the Launch Monitor app called the B-Fit ball fitter from Bridgestone Golf, and I have every expectation that I will like it, based on how it uses high-speed video algorithms to gauge the metrics just like the $20K pro machines do.

I’m also looking for some phone apps that will provide things the B-Fit doesn’t.

The B-Fit is a face-on camera app, so it will of course give you such things as:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Trajectory
  • Ball Spin
  • Club Speed
  • Estimated Carry
  • Estimated Total Distance

However, I would like something that shows some down-the-line information such as line and shape – you can be dead-hooking or banana-slicing the ball when swinging face-on, but a down-the-line launch monitor combined with a face-on app would give you nearly everything you need to show exactly what your ball-striking looks like.

Right now, I’ve found a couple of apps that look promising:

The GottaGolf App

The Gottagolf tracer app, with a review I found online courtesy of which states:

The coolest technological piece of the app is by far the ball tracer capability. We’ve all seen the pros on television hit mammoth tee shots, curve the ball out of the trees or flight a shot down perfectly and it’s illustrated by a streaking line across our screens. 

“Man,” you think, “wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see my shot traced like the pros?”

GottaGolf incorporated an auto-tracer that picks up the golf ball after impact and shows you the beauty — or reality — of the way your golf ball is traveling. 

I don’t really have any use (at least I don’t think I do) for the “social” aspects of the app, but it may draw some – all I want is a tracer to show line and shape, and this one seems to do it according to Golf Grade:

In the app world, GottaGolf is a 5-star product.

You have to like a 5-Star rating in a review. This is a free app with in-app purchase options (of what, I don’t know, nor do I currently care).


The Shot Tracer App

I was a little more excited about the Shot Tracer app from Visual Vertgo Software (even with the fact that it’s not a free app) as it was voted Golf Digest’s Best App of 2018, but after reading the reviews, I’ll just give it a mention and do some more investigating before I take the plunge myself:

I’m sure that I’ll find something that works well with whatever face-on phone app I happen to use (although I can’t imagine why I woudn’t like the B-Fit, which is already installed on my iPhone).

The two above apps are the more interesting ones I could find and I’d have no problem paying for an app like the Shot Tracer, provided it gives me the results I need for the purposes of this site.

More to come!

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