Classic Swingin’ Molinari Bags Another Win @ API

This is getting to be quite the trend with Francesco Molinari. It appears that last season was his break-out year on the PGA Tour, winning first the Quicken Loans, then the Open Championship.

He’s now got another win in the early ’19 season, taking the Arnold Palmer Invitational with a Classic Golf Swing action (using the hips & legs to power the swing rather than lower back twisting with restricted hip turn).

From the the USA Today website:

Francesco Molinari goes big and bold in final round to win Arnold Palmer Invitational

Francesco Molinari entered Sunday’s final round at Bay Hill five shots off the lead.

His ensuing 8-under 64 to capture the Arnold Palmer Invitational was a fitting tribute to the man who coined the phrase “You must play boldly to win.”

The reigning British Open champion made eight birdies with no bogeys to shoot 12-under 276 for the week.

He sealed the deal with another phrase Mr. Palmer was quite fond of.

“One shot, on the rocks.”

I didn’t catch the action, being occupied with family events, but DKondo (thanks DK!) sent me a couple of swing clips that’s I’ve converted into gif. format for your perusal:

And in slower motion, you can clearly see the excellent Classic technique of that free-hip pivot and really “stepping into it” on the transition, what I years ago called the “left foot stomp” action:

He’s even got the “short-stop” slide action!

That means a full weight transfer to the leading foot with the trailing foot release, rather than hopping/twisting on the leading foot.

And get a load of that setup, straight out of the Classic Golf Swing setup manual:

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, he’s coached by Denis Pugh, former Colin Montgomerie coach, and you can see that Mr. Pugh knows more about mechanically-sound action than most of the big names in swing instruction that you constantly hear being referenced, hence our friendly banter on Twitter regarding “The Formula” for a great golf swing.

Congrats to F Molinari on another victory for the Classic Golf Swing, and to Denis Pugh for adding another notch to his coaching/instructor credentials.  He’s going to need another notch-stick soon.

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12 thoughts on “Classic Swingin’ Molinari Bags Another Win @ API

  1. Uncle JJ

    It was great to watch. Earlier in the broadcast, Azinger gave a detailed breakdown of Rory McIlroy’s “beautiful” swing. He even commented on the planted lead foot: “that’s how players do it these days.” Nary a mention of Molinari’s classic swing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, I certainly hope people aren’t expecting to actually learn how to swing listening to the TV pundits 😉

  2. Rick

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, I seem to remember swinging very similar to FM, even down to always having a scuffed right toe because of the slide in the follow through. BUT, I listened to too many ?experts? and slowly changed my swing style to the more modern methods and of course my scores have gone higher and my back gets sorer.

    But I have seen the light and am trying to regain my old form, hopefully leading to lower scores and more enjoyable rounds. Your website and blog have been an inspiration and wealth of information. I just hope that at 71 years of age, I have enough time left to regain the joy that was once this game.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Great to hear that you’ve left the dark side, Rick! I’m delighted to have been able to help your return to proper mechanics in any way. 😀


  3. Chief Cowpie

    I do expect the PGA and the USGA to “Classic Proof” golf courses with some rule changes such as a mandatory 3” heel on shoes to prevent a heel lift or maybe a penalty if the leading heel comes off the ground at any time during swing.

    Also, if a golfer over the age of 25 isn’t complaining of knee, hip, back or neck injury, they will be suspected of violating these rules and thus will have sensors placed on golf shoes to detect a heel lift violation. Repeat offenders may have to have shoe attached to plywood sheet preventing any lift.

  4. Goose

    Azinger let the left heel come up…His teacher, John Redman was very much in the classic swing school, primarily taught by Tommy Armour and Sam Snead.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Azinger let the left heel come up…

      Of course he did – he’s only saying what he’s saying on TV now because of peer and corporate pressure. But then, you know that, Goose 😉

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