Not Deja Vu – Tiger Woods WD’s From API With Another Injury

I’m sure it’s nothing.

Actually, I don’t have a clue what is going on with Tiger Woods’ latest withdrawal from an event due to an injury, but this is different – I can’t remember the last time he withdrew from a scheduled event before hitting his 1st tee shot.

So, that’s ominous enough, that he isn’t even trying to play through it.

One might be tempted to say that it’s a grizzled veteran showing some common sense, but we’re talking about a guy who hasn’t exactly shown the best instincts when it comes to avoiding or reducing the severity of an injury (2008 U.S. Open, anyone?).

But here it is, thanks to Mike Divot for the link – from Tiger Woods’ Twitter account, he is out of the API with a neck injury:

MD pointed out the impact position on a bunker shot that TW took at the WGC Mexico two weeks back:

I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I’ve noticed TW moving rather gingerly at times in the past events I’ve seen him.

Granted, I haven’t watched much due to the horrid swing analysis, inane announcer comments and TW-worship, but when I have watched him play, I’ve said “Hmmmm….” more than once looking at his body language.

Of course, I could be out in left field. But I was wary from the moment he came back from the spinal fusion of a man his age and with his injury past, swinging as hard (and in the Modern Golf Swing style) as he was/is.

Did anyone else notice how his ball speed, when he did hit driver the past couple of events, was nowhere near the over-180 mph he was showing last season?

I saw him clocking in at 170 mph or a little higher when they showed his driver ball speed. That had me saying, “Hmmm….” as well.

I guess we’ll wait to see how 2019 unfolds, but it’s not a great start for the Duct-Tape Warrior.

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8 thoughts on “Not Deja Vu – Tiger Woods WD’s From API With Another Injury

  1. Mr. McJohn

    Not surprised. Damn, wish he would just float that heel and let his body tell him how to swing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      To do that, Mr. McJohn, TW would have had to have learned from previous mistakes. Not gonna happen.

      1. Mr. McJohn

        For me, the change was made when my back and knee gave in a bit. Woke up one morning with slight shooting pains in my back, and the previous day it was difficult to pick stuff up because I was so sore after golf. I knew I couldn’t do what I had always done, and started to teach myself a better swing.

        I think what gave me incentive to change was that pain. I wasn’t stupid, I knew what was up.

        Sorry to hear about TW, but personally, I’m not surprised.

        I’m 22, with no back or knee issues swinging every day. It’s nice to know I’ve saved my entire career. Not sure about TW, he might have just screwed himself.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I got your pic and inserted it into your comment as request, Chief! 👌👍😊

      1. Chief Cowpie

        Thanks DJ. As you do too, we wish Tiger well and great health and success and all but it is inconceivable to me that this guy who is so fanatically meticulous in his approach to being a great golfer has overlooked his swing mechanics as the source of so much woe and injury to his body.

        1. D Watts Post author

          You nailed it, Chief.

          I wish him well but am agog at his failure to research and find a mechanically-sound swing model all these years. If he had, no one would be talking about J Nicklaus. When all is said and done, TW’s story will be a historic example of “what if.”

          1. Chief Cowpie

            Except that if you follow golf media (except for waxgolf), you would’ve been led to believe Tiger slept with his pillow in the wrong position and woke with a stiff neck. He can do whatever he wants with pillow placements but until he gets some MCS positions, Tiger is walking an uneccesary slippery slope. And once again, I wish him the best but the body’s joints and vertebrae are not designed to exert force as he does.

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