Blake Elliott Wins 2nd NCAA Div I Event – #OnFire

Congrats to Blake Elliott, who just bagged his 2nd NCAA Division 1 individual title for McNeese State today in the 34th Annual Louisiana Classics event!

That hashtag is bang-on, by the way – with his 2nd win in 4 events and a 4th consecutive Top-4 finish (W, T4, T4, W), I would qualify that as being “on fire.”

From the McNeese State website:

McNeese carried it’s momentum from Monday’s first and second rounds of the Louisiana Classics into Tuesday’s final round as the Cowboys shot a 1-under par 282 on the day to capture the team championship while senior Blake Elliott closed out the last 18 holes with a 4-under 68 to help him win the individual title with a 5-under 211.

Blake Elliott awarded the individual trophy by Cliff Wagner of Oakbourne.

The win is the first team victory for the Cowboys since winning the 2017 Southland Conference championships and the first-ever team and individual win for the program at the Louisiana Classics.

The victory included a team win over 26th-ranked Illinois, who finished second behind McNeese with an 870…

Elliott, who is ranked No. 35 in the nation individually, edged out Bryan Baumgarten of Illinois and UTSA’s Collin Clark by one stroke to win his second career title.

The 35th national ranking is sure to improve after the win, as well as his World Amateur Ranking which is currently at 69.

I spoke with his proud dad, who expects some more wins before the end of the season, briefly by Messenger as soon as the scores were posted, and it’s grrreeaaat to see Blake fulfilling the massive potential I saw in him back in 2016:

Am I surprised by his success?  Not a bit, and anyone who has seen him swing and play, even nearly three years ago after his freshman year, would have seen that he had the talent to shine.

Way to go, Blake!


9 thoughts on “Blake Elliott Wins 2nd NCAA Div I Event – #OnFire

    1. Mr. McJohn

      I’d guess he’s around plus 1 or 2 handicap. Need to be around plus 4 or 5 to make it big on even the But doing well for the most part, good on him winning 2 out of 4!

      1. D Watts Post author

        Still a lot of steps before that, but he’s on the right track. It would be a blast to see him on TV, even the Tour, for sure! 🙂

    2. D Watts Post author

      Lot of work yet, but that would certainly be the plan, if everything works out for him, Van! 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      I remember his numbers years ago when you were golfing with him at Torrey Pines…

      I didn’t play the course, but he sure did – 73 from the tips 1st time ever seeing the course! It was something to see 🙂

  1. Chief Cowpie

    The only limitation I see for Blake is being that he is a righty, it will be hard for him to hit a high hook with a driver off the deck to get on the 18th green at Kapalua to make eagle.

    1. Mike Divot

      The kid will simply have to hit all his irons stiff to 3 feet to compensate.

      Or better, fly them straight into the cup. Takes out the variables of firmness, grain, backspin, etc.

      1. Chief Cowpie

        Divot, that’s a long shot for an iron even if Blake happens to be in the know of the performance advantage of Silver Scots and has them in the bag.

        The solution is quite simple. The principles of MCS are easily applied to the right side or the left and so carry a leftie driver in the bag for this event or maybe this week, play the tournament leftie.

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