Bridgestone’s BFit Launch Monitor App Looks Really Interesting

After I got my new iPhone this week, I began to research the different Launch Monitors that might be compatible with it.

I was pleased to find something right away that I probably had seen or heard about in passing (I vaguely recall something like this) but ignored as I didn’t have an iPhone at the time.

If you have avoided extensive Launch Monitor work or personal purchases because of the cost involved, then you’ll love this – Bridgestone’s BFit App is available for free and will work on iPhone’s 6 and later models.

I think they’ve actually released an Android version by now, but everything I was reading had to do with the iPhone, and since the ball flight analysis is done in the same manner as the Trackman and FlightScope machines (high-speed cameras and algorithms), you will get as reliable a reading as you would on those very high-priced devices.

Bridgestone Video On The BFit App

All you need is a camera that shoots at minimum 240 fps and it will use the camera with the algorithms to give you the following readings on your swing:

  • Club Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Calculated Carry
  • Calculated Total Distance

Now, looking at those metrics above, they would be the same things you’d get from the FlightScope, while Trackman actually has a camera that tracks the ball to give actual carry and total distances, but this is superb stuff to have while doing analysis!

With today’s smartphone technology, it’s been a long time coming, as John Barba for writes:

The smart people at Bridgestone have been working on the algorithms and visuals for this app for the past five years.

“We have the cameras over in R&D that can capture golf swing at impact,” says Bridgestone Golf Ball Marketing Manager Adam Rehberg. “But we had to wait for phone technology to catch up. We got the new iPhone 6 a couple of years ago, that’s when our eyes started lighting up, and we said okay, we’re ready to bring this to the market.”

The only things it doesn’t give you are club path, side-spin, ball direction and shot shape, but these are things you can see with your own eye and if you need actual readings on those metrics, then you head to a place like I do at the TXG Golf facility to get the full complement.

Meanwhile I’m going to continue to search the ‘net for things like this, because there are sure to be better and better things coming with regards to personal ball flight analysis.

Right now, I’m planning on doing some things this coming season that I haven’t been able to do because of the ongoing swing research.

And getting some technology boosts to better aid me in getting everyone on track with swinging MCS for their best results is part of that step!

More to come.

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Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

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