Back To Swinging Today! (Still Not 100%)

I have great personal news to report – it looks like I’m back to swinging again, even though I’m not 100% yet!

It’s another snow storm in these parts, another school day for the kids, and I was just thinking about leading side leverage when I got up to grab the SwingRite, which I haven’t touched in some time.

I was so impatient with not having been able to swing two-handed the past 5 weeks (and in fact I haven’t even swung one-handed in a couple of weeks, in order to just let the ribs recuperate), that I gritted my teeth a few minutes ago and took an easy swing with both hands.

No pain (even though they’re still tender at times), so I took another, harder swing – still good to go.

I took a healthy rip and, due to the weeks of work swinging left-hand only, my pivot is now so tight that I was swinging pretty fast with no strain at all on the right side of the ribs, even on the follow-through.

Kinda Looks Like This

I’m going to take it easy for another week or two, but it looks like I can now get back to swinging the SwingRite and, if all goes well, I’ll get into the Kettle Bell sometime before the end of the month, to build up the swing muscles.

So, for the first time since January 7th, which was the day I cracked my ribs with that fall, I’m swinging two-handed again, and boy, does it feel good!

I’m back on track, at least on track to get back on track, friends!

And about time, because there is so much I had to share from the winter work but which requires being able to swing two-handed and right-handed – it shouldn’t be too much longer before I can start doing so.

It may be cold, dark and snowy outside my home office window, but things are definitely brighter for me today!

More to come.

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