My Indoor Golf Dome Has Collapsed

At this point, I’m not very impatient with the fact that my cracked ribs are still too painful (translation: not yet healed) to allow me to swing, because the place where I was to test-drive the new MCS Golf Swing of mine… has collapsed beneath the weight of a record snowfall.

You would think that a snowfall in these parts would take some doing to set a record, but the record is a single-day precip record – we’ve had storms that have deposited far more in this region, but over a multi-day period.

So, this is what it looked like before:

… the side facing the camera with “Golf Metrodome” on it is the south end, facing the 401 highway, and the next picture was taken from the entrance end on the north side…

… and it looks a little different now:

The green area on the right half of the picture is the floor and short game area (you can even see the bunker at the extreme right, almost heart-shaped), and the upper range platform, which is where I like to hit my balls when there.

I have no idea when they’ll be back up and running, but as I said, the fact that I still haven’t returned to swing shape makes it easy to accept.

I just hope they’re ready when I am!

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video



2 thoughts on “My Indoor Golf Dome Has Collapsed

  1. Mr. McJohn

    Damn. Snow is annoying, but geez now it’s becoming a nuisance! I always thought god made snow just to find us something to do during winter (shovel). While all the bears are asleep, we’re out here shoveling. Grocery store trips are certainly fun on frozen roads, and even putting on 9 layers is real nice, especially when you want to move.

    But I live in Florida, still going strong in sandals and t-shirt. Can’t wait to drive to the grocery store.

    On a more serious note, I hope you get to hitting balls soon. Would be good to see the swing in full. Weather sucks man.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Snow is annoying…

      There was a great quote from an Anthony Bourdain show, “Parts Unknown – Quebec,” which is where I was born.

      Bourdain asked in disbelief, as he watched a pick-up game of hockey being played outdoors at night in deep-freeze temperatures, “This is what everyone does here in Quebec – play hockey?!?”

      The classic response from his host, a restaurateur in Montreal, had me howling – “Yeah, there’s no reason to live here if there’s no hockey…”

      Needless to say, I don’t mind winter, and yes, I of course played hockey!

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