Nearly As Fast One-Armed As With Two – Amazing

Well, I have been swinging with the left arm only while waiting for the ribs to heal, and something very interesting occurred yesterday.

I had lowered the setting on the SwingRite to see how low I could get it to click, and initially I got nothing.

I made an adjustment to my back swing pivot however, and suddenly, I was clicking it again.  So I set it lower, and again, it took some swings to get it to click.

Then, on an even lower setting, I figured out the top position with the one-armed swing and every swing got a click.

I blogged earlier about how I was getting it to click with just the hip & leg action, and very little arm action if any.

So, when I got to a flat-line, I made the next progression – I got “deep” with the left arm on the back pivot and there it was…

When swinging with the leading arm only, you want what I would call a “whip-snap” from the top to the bottom, and for that, you need to really load the top.

Not Bad…But I Figured Out Better…

Same MCS stance, same back swing pivot action, but I have been neglecting to get my deepest pivot with the upper body, which again is done with the lower body action!

So, when I get back to swinging two-handed, I am pretty sure I’m going to see some good numbers compared to last year’s.

I have to say that cracking those ribs, while painful and frustrating with the delay in getting the year underway, was probably a blessing in disguise.

Incredibly, I have not been getting the most out of my leading side “pulling” leverage (and if this comes as a surprise to you, join the club, WAX Nation), which I always thought was going too much in that direction over the right-handed “pushing” action.

But there it is – I have even more leverage power in the leading side that I’ve found swinging left-arm-only, and that will only translate to increased speed with the same effort.

Not only that – considering the work I did on the right arm and side before the New Year to get my tightest right side position at the top of the back pivot, it seems I’ve begun putting everything together one side at a time.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings me, numbers-wise!

And of course, I have a lot to say about what I’ve been doing the past few weeks.  First however, I have to see the proof in the lab when I get back to swinging and put some ball-striking work in.

If I’m correct about my conclusions on this work – I’ll have a good deal to discuss with regards to making your MCS Golf Swing model everything it should be.

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Nearly As Fast One-Armed As With Two – Amazing

  1. David

    Amazing how great your swing feels with just the left arm and the swingrite. Makes you young again 🙂 It seems you much more in tune with all of the movements of the different body parts. Neat stuff DJ.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey DK! Your comment beat my email to thank you for “chipping in” with your donation, to make a terrible pun 😀

      And yes, it’s amazing how much you can tighten things up with the left-only swing, isn’t it? I feel as though I still haven’t made a proper MCS model swing yet after this work. Can’t wait to see what happens when I can swing again.

      Hi to Nancy and the little pup!


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