Leading Side Action – Recommended Drill

I would recommend the following drill whether or not you are a left-dominant swinger or right-dominant – in other words, swinging with the leading arm only will definitely aid your swing mechanics, whichever side you’re dominant.

In fact, I remember when John Daly had his “Daly Planet” show on the Golf Channel back around 2005 or so – he showed his warm-up one time, and he always warmed up hitting wedges with his left arm only.

I mentioned a while back that a particular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lesson clicked me in to how best use my hips & legs to leverage the golf swing (I already knew how, but the image I got in the lesson really helped me improve it).

Well, I’ve been swinging the SwingRite one-handed because the cracked rib issue won’t let me swing two-handed yet, but I’m able to swing with the left arm only without aggravating the right rib-cage…

Address & Swing Bottom

And what I found was that I couldn’t get the SwingRite to click on the 5 setting with my left arm swing only – until I really began to leverage it down from the top with an aggressive hip & leg action (my impression) versus trying to swing “fast” with the left arm.

In fact, once I got the hang of it, I was able to click the SwingRite very easily on the 5 setting, and it’s all hips & legs:

As you can see, when you get the “drop” action right, you’ll get a very steady head on the transition to the down swing, even with a “pulling-only” action:

If you look at the left hip compared to the edge of the futon in the background, I’m well inside the edge, but on the down swing, the hip gets all the way to the edge… that’s an aggressive lower body action with a very quiet head.

You’ll notice that, just as I demonstrated with the Mike Austin left-arm swing gif., there’s no turning of the shoulders to the target until past the swing bottom, and you can see that in the Address-Swing Bottom picture above the video.

If you’ve got a SwingRite, try it for yourself on the easiest setting and see how low you can get it to click with a leading-arm-only swing – making sure to get that setup and the proper bias to go with the pivot action!

So, there’s a silver lining to my injury from a couple of weeks ago – without it, I’d not have started to swing left-hand-only, and I wouldn’t have decided to give the one-armed swinging a shot.

I’ve got some left-handed clubs kicked around as well, so I will also be hitting balls with a right-hand-only swing this coming season.

More to come!

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4 thoughts on “Leading Side Action – Recommended Drill

  1. Bill Swan

    Hi DJ. Good drill. Heading to Key West Florida next week. I’ll try it on the range. I really feel that my dominant trail side always takes control trying to push too hard. It’s tricky. Thanks for the tip!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Very welcome, Bill S! I would suggest a 7 iron with a tee-up ball or Driver if you’re actually going to hit a ball. At least ’til you’ve got the hang of it 🙂

  2. David

    Good stuff DJ. You even find a way to improve when injured 🙂 Love the drill as my lead arm always wants to stop just at impact … it is afraid of that collision lol. Thanks

    1. D Watts Post author

      What I love about it is how it reinforces the “down, out and up” action of the left arm action – I believe that’s how MA described it many years back.

      Notice that nowhere in this action is the word “forward,” with regards to either the leading arm or hand. 🙂

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