The Leading Side Action (Left Handed Only)

I’ve been looking for a good left-handed swing action to illustrate the isolated arm swinging the golf club, and I remembered seeing Mike Austin’s demonstration of it in the Pico Rivera video.

Now, I’ve been saying for years, since I finished the MCS Golf Swing model especially, that the only real difference between the Mike Austin swing model and that of MCS is in the stance and head motion during the back pivot.

Taking out the stance difference and looking at Austin’s swing from the top down to the finish, you should see virtually the same thing in the two models, and if Austin didn’t have the flat trailing heel at impact most times, he does below and his protege Mike Dunaway sure did.

Here’s Austin’s swing with an iron using the left arm only, from the top:

First, I would like you all to see that, even though Austin is swinging with the left arm and “pulling” it down from the top, he never turns his shoulders to the target until after impact with the follow through.

That’s because he used the Primary Lever action to “drop” the hand and club from the top until gravity takes place, around the “3 O’Clock” point.

You can see all of the principles I’ve been talking about with regards to the pulling action swingers having the same action as a right-dominant “pusher” if one is set up properly to swing with both sides.

Now, I would disagree with Austin’s set up, which was center-biased and required a head shift to the right to get it where it has to be on the down swing and impact.

Aside from that difference, the models are the same and MA was certainly set up to swing with both side, even if the shifting head on the back pivot wasn’t optimal.

Look at that “Drop” using the hips and legs with the shoulders as the Primary Lever:

You see as well that there is no effort whatsoever to swing the club or left hand “at the target.”

It’s pretty clear that he’s swinging down into the swing bottom and allowing the club to release past the hands, using the natural flex of the wrist to help it along.

This is the importance, if you’ve missed it or didn’t think it was crucial, of getting that leading side position set-up as I describe it in the E = MCS swing video.

Real good stuff in that little gif., let me tell you.

I’ll be working on swinging one-handed with both the right and left hands this coming season to illustrate the duality of the entire-body swing, and with any luck, I’ll nail it so that you can compare one arm with the other and then both together.

More to come!

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