The First Delay Of The Season… (Updated – Probably Ashma)

Update: For those who have passed on well-wishes, I have been put on a couple of inhalers and the likely culprit is asthma, which wouldn’t be a huge shock considering I’ve had chronic bronchitis most of my lift.  Such are things, moving on!

I was planning on getting into the Dome this week or the next, to get a little taste of what the 2019 DJ Swing was going to look and feel like, and I hope to still get out next week.

The delay is a health-induced one – I mentioned being under the weather during the Christmas season, but things have been a little more serious.

I have had chronic bronchitis for years, and this particular time around, the nasty bug that has been wreaking havoc in these parts had me coughing for weeks on end, and I’ve developed a cough syncope.

For those who don’t know what that is, I’ve coughed so hard and long that at times I’ve blacked right out and fallen over.

Kind Of Like This…

Thus far, I’ve keeled over at least a dozen times, apart from the times I’ve been fortunate enough to be sitting or lying down when the fits struck.

I spent a day at the ER and hospital last week getting checked out and, among my injuries in all of the falls, I have a (now-healed) split lip, a big shiner on the left eye, a sprained right wrist and bruised or cracked ribs (falling against the toilet while coughing into the bathroom sink).

Happy New Year!

ECG, bloodwork and chest X-rays all came back normal, so I’ll be getting some pulmonary testing done next (to check for asthma, a condition that commonly causes syncope) and some cardiac monitoring (for possible arrhythmia brought on by the hard coughing).

For now however, I’m on the shelf with swinging.

In short, I made a few easy swings with the SwingRite today and, to my chagrin, the wrist and ribs are a no-go for the present.

I’ve also taken the month off my new interest, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, until things have settled down. Kind of hard to train in this condition.

Hopefully it’s just bruised muscles and not actual cracked ribs and I’ll be fit again in a few days.

The cough is thankfully abating thanks to some meds and inhalers, and great news! I haven’t fallen over today, which is the first time since the 28th… so, baby steps.

I’m eager to get this year underway.

More to come!

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11 thoughts on “The First Delay Of The Season… (Updated – Probably Ashma)

  1. D.L. Moriarty

    Hope things get better soon DJ!

    I remember when I was still struggling with my herniated L5 that I laughed a little too hard and the pain in my back knocked me out. Woke up leaning on my buddy in a restaurant. That was the last time I forgot a back brace!

    I cant say I know the exact pain, but I know something like it! Hang in there!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks D.L.!

      The pain, I can deal with – I’ve had black eyes before, a broken wrist, finger, cracked sternum, countless sprained wrists and ankles… the price of a lifetime of sports participation.

      It’s the delay that is hurting me, because I was really pumped to get back into the swing of things… but patience is the key, and a week or two longer won’t affect what I plan to be the year of years with WAX Golf and the MCS Golf Swing!



  2. Mr. McJohn

    I had tennis elbow for a time. Took two months off the game.

    Damn, hope everything gets well. Need to be swinging dat club soon as possible!

  3. FAS

    That’s not good old dad, but a strong guy like you will soon be back on track. For most things in life, the greatest cure is time.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m actually a big leaner in the D.A.S.H. direction, Chief – Oatmeal with berries or granola bowl with pomegranate, nuts and sunflowers seeds is usually my breakfast.

      Today I switched things up and had sauteed spinach, onions and garlic with home-made (lots of lemon juice and olive oil) hummus and flatbread. The odd time, I’ll have scrambled eggs and shrimp, and once in a while, with bacon or sausage.

      I love making a veggie curry with beans, peas, tomato and corn… potassium bomb for good cardio function! If it’s not breakfast, I try to have one veggie/fruit meal per day. In the summer it’s easy, a frozen smoothie (watermelon instead of yogurt, keep it dairy-free) with berries, fruits and veg.

      As for your suggestion, I like to add avocado and mango to my Shark & Bake of late, and so on.

      I’m not completely D.A.S.H., but enough to keep my B.P. and blood tests looking O.K. I love my wings and beer (nothing better on Survivor nights), but it’s been some time since I lived on that kind of food!

    2. D Watts Post author

      Update: For those who have passed on well-wishes, I have been put on a couple of inhalers and the likely culprit is asthma, which wouldn’t be a huge shock considering I’ve had chronic bronchitis most of my life.  Such are things – moving on!

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