I Went Back And Looked @ My Baseball Swing From 2013

A side item in these quiet days before the new season gets underway in 2019:

Back in the summer of 2013, I was toying with the idea of putting out the “MCS Baseball” swing model, because I searched and searched and searched on Youtube for any model to which I could compare what I felt was the proper action.

That was over 5 years ago so I might find something now, but the problem was, even though there are some great baseball swings out there, the swing action itself was mish-mash of individual “moves,” whenever I could find something resembling a model.

A funny thing though – if you compare my baseball swing wind-up and top position/transition, it’s exactly what the best baseball swingers do!

I took Giancarlo Stanton’s swing from the wind-up and put it beside a swing of mine, the only difference being I was making a swing at an imaginary pitch whereas Stanton is hitting an actual ball:

Now, I’m no professional baseball player and I haven’t swung a bat with any regular practice since the age of 12, most likely – but look at the similarities between the two actions, many more than any differences.

At the top, I have noted the “flying elbow” that baseball swingers tend to have:

That is no problem, because the first thing you do when you’re going to swing is you rotate the trailing shoulder to drop the elbow, and then you’re really in that tight, leveraged position:

And then you get the hips and legs leveraging the upper body and club into the hitting zone, the only real difference being the individual tilt of the torso:

It just goes to show you that, if I would swing a baseball bat the way I do above, and it virtually matches that of a professional and successful baseball swinger, then you’re looking at a mechanically-sound action, whichever swing you’re watching.

I of course have never played baseball at a high level, only in a youth league, but it goes to prove the point – athletic motion is athletic motion, and the baseball swing was probably the second athletic motion I ever performed, after learning how to throw a ball.

I didn’t extensively study the baseball swing of MLB players before shooting that video clip, all I did was try to remember how I swung at the age of 12 and what I would do to leverage the club.

In fact, I hadn’t even developed the MCS Golf Swing model that I have right now, when I shot the baseball swing clip – and now that I’m rounding my own golf swing closer and closer to the theoretical model… funny how the same principles apply as those in a proper baseball swing!

Actually, it isn’t funny – it’s supposed to be that way because athletic motion is… athletic motion!

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