Awesome – One-Armed Kid Exposes Modern Golf “Using The Ground – Vertical Lift” Fraud

His name is Tommy and he also shows how the left arm works in a two-armed swing.

With only one arm, young Tommy uses the Primary Lever of the shoulders with the leading arm.

Thanks to Goose for pointing this clip out, and it was actually posted to Youtube back in April, but it devastates the fraud of the Modern Golf Swing myth of “Using The Ground” and “Vertical Lift.”

First, everyone here on the blog who’s been around any length of time knows this stuff.

I already showed last year in the “E = MCS” swing video how you properly “use the ground” to produce “vertical lift” by using the hips and legs with the leading arm:

… and I went further in the 3rd video of the latest MCS Trilogy called “MCS – The Kinetic Chain,” where I asked the viewer to answer the question of how one would push a heavy weighted box or trolley to one’s left without losing one’s balance if the box suddenly moved or wasn’t there:

After Tommy swings, we’re treated to a little scientific analysis, showing that he’s producing four times his body weight in vertical lift at impact.

So, let’s take a look at the pressure plate analysis of Tommy’s swing at impact, and you’ll notice which foot it is that is producing the 4X body mass in vertical lift pressure:

  • It’s the left foot producing the vertical thrust, you’ll see,
  • His right foot is producing virtually no vertical lift, even though it’s up on the toes (proving that when you’re on your toes, you get no vertical lift force),
  • His left foot is completely flat on the ground at this point;

And there you have it

  • I used one mechanical experiment to show how anyone would logically produce vertical lift with only the left or leading side (lifting the Kettle Bell),
  • Then I used a thought experiment to have everyone think about how they would push that trolley to the left without losing balance,
  • Now you get a scientific pressure plate analysis of the vertical lift produced by a one-armed kid with a beautiful action through the ball!

This exposes the fraud that you are constantly reading and watching and hearing about with Modern Golf Swing analysis that one has to launch oneself into the air to “use the ground” and produce “vertical lift,” and what I’ve been saying all along – if your foot is not on the ground at impact, you are not using the ground at all, and are producing little to no vertical lift.


The question one has to ask Modern Golf swing analysts and teachers is a very pertinent one – where is the science to prove any of what they’re throwing at their audience day in and day out?

In fact, have you noticed that there is absolutely no science being presented to prove anything of what Modern Golf Swing people are talking about?

There’s lots of science in how they produce longer balls and clubs, and in flight launch monitors, but isn’t it strange that there’s none to back up what they’re saying about technique?

If what they’re saying has no scientific evidence to back it up, then it’s all smoke, mirrors and mumbo-jumbo.

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If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

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