Uncut Skype Session W/Fluffy The Man

Here’s something new – I just finished a Skype video session with Fluffy A.K.A. T.Ferguson and he asked me if I’d post the uncut video for WAX Nation to watch.

I have just uploaded the video to Youtube and it’s about 40 minutes long – we’ve had 2 previous sessions in the last few weeks after he’d taken a very extended time off playing golf (I believe 3 years), while he pursued his other passions, travel and motocross.

We worked on his right-side bias, pivot and club face on the previous sessions, and on this particular session, we continued to work on his pivot action, position (especially regarding his hands at address), and the transition to the down swing.

Update: I went back into my archives and found a clip from when Fluffy visited me four years ago, how time flies:

I had my own video feed turned off for some reason, but it comes back on at 00:30 of the recording, so you can see both of us.

His issues consisted of hooking the ball and a loss of power from before he’d taken time off playing, so we tackled both the hooking aspects and how to get more leverage and power (he tended to spin out on the down swing, likely a result of a closed face into impact) and made some good progress getting him back to good order.

Screenshot – DJ Skype With Fluffy The Man

It’s about 40 minutes long, but it’s the entire time we worked on the swing, with no cuts or edits, and we didn’t discuss anything on the swing before the session began, and only the things he was to work on after we stopped recording.

I hope you’ll all forgive the informal aspect of my attire, as I was Skyping from my home office and I try to make Skype sessions as relaxed as possible – more of a personal chat between two people than a rigid teaching environment.

Happy viewing!


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12 thoughts on “Uncut Skype Session W/Fluffy The Man

  1. peterallenby2013

    This is the one and only Turd Ferguson, correct?! One of DJ’s early and very successful MCS disciples. Gotta love him! Now I will watch…

    1. D Watts Post author

      The one and only T.F., Peter! I’m delighted that you remember him from the old days 🙂

      1. peterallenby2013

        TF offered up one of the greatest testimonials on the reason to go WAX way back when. As I recall, he was in your area for a personal lesson day and came away RAVING about how sound, how easy, and how correct the MCS swing is.There is nothing like the power of the enthusiastic recommendation to move the dial of the undecided…Given how easy the swing methodology is, I would think pro golfers ranked in the 116-500 range might give it a go. It is not hard to develop ill the leaning A stance and from there…Folks, just watch the Skype session or better yet, it is still beautiful weather north of New England! You are a bit east of Toronto, correct DJ??!

        1. D Watts Post author

          Correct, P.A. – and I did some digging in my old Youtube archives – I believe this clip from 4 years ago is what you’re referencing. T.F. was on his way overseas and popped in while he was in the Toronto area. We had a great time, and I posted this on the site way back when:

          Funny enough, T.F. had the same flat club face at the top, if you look at the swing, and that’s one of the things we worked on during that session, but that time it was a super-strong grip.

          It’s amazing how old habits can come back to you when you’ve taken a couple of years off swinging and start up again!

  2. Bill Swan

    Hi, DJ, this was very helpful in seeing someone else who knows your system be able to quickly adhere to a couple of fundamentals and improve the strike. Such an ingenious system. Looking forward to a fathers and sons foursome this weekend in Lake Geneva, WI. Hopefully, the chilly weather and fallen leaves won’t leave me any less satisfied than as the last round I mentioned. Thanks again! Take care.

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re more than welcome, Bill! Have a great time at the father & sons, and good luck! 🙂

  3. Walter

    You mentioned to him to keep his hands forward and the club head just off the left heel. When watching the Safeway open they had a square on shot of Luke List on the 18th tee, his stance was fairly wide, his hands were just left of center(square to target line) and his ball was just left of center, probably left of center between actual center and his left heel. His setup is the same as Rory’s and a few other big hitters on tour.

    When I was at the Champions tour last month I stood a few feet away from the tour pros and the majority of them had the same stance-ball position. There were some like VJ that had the ball way forward but his hands were actually center of his stance. Is it just what works what one should use or force a certain position until it works? I’ve always struggled with that question. Mike Dunaway had the ball forward as well, with his hands just left of center and I think his shaft was leaning a bit back(I think).

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’ll get all sorts of hand and ball positions when you look at different players, Walter – my model squares with Jack Nicklaus’ however:

      I daresay JN was a better golfer and ball-striker than any of the big hitters you might observe today, and he was THE big hitter of his era. So, if one is going to emulate the hand and ball position of a player, I’d go with the G.O.A.T.

      Note: I didn’t even take Nicklaus’ hand and ball position, nor his right-biased stance – I had already built the model when I took a look at Nicklaus’ setup and, to my amazement, he was advocating the setup closest to MCS that you’ll find in any other swinger.

      So, years of swing analysis, research and model-building brought MCS to the same positions Jack Nicklaus shows in the above pic!

  4. D.L. Moriarty

    Sounds like I need to book me a Skype session! I keep feeling like I’m doing some things wrong, maybe I need an active set of eyes or I just need to practice.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey D.L.! How are things going down there since the storm passed? Are you in the path of the remnants of Michael?

      As far as practice goes, it is essential to practice, however if you’re doing something that is not optimal, the practice does more harm than good, ingraining improper technique. Better to get the fundamentals of stance and pivot down as best you can, then proceed with the practice! 🙂

      1. D.L. Moriarty

        We’ve got a little bit of wind and rain about to come through, but nothing too bad. Florence went around Raleigh…we kind of have a force-field around us that prevents most bad weather from actually hitting us.
        I think maybe another YouTube video might be a good start. I feel like I’m still a little off, but the more practice I can get in, the better.

        1. D Watts Post author

          Good to know you’re out of harm’s way – I’ll be here when you want to send another video 🙂

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