Cameron Champ Could Be Even Longer (Shot Data)

I wrote about Cameron Champ last year after seeing him in the ’17 U.S. Open, and he’s going to be playing on the PGA Tour next season – which means you may see him pretty soon with the wrap-around season!

Now, there’s no reason that a kid hitting it 350 yards carry distance would need any more distance, but find me one person, even among the longest hitters, who didn’t want more distance with their swings.

So, I took a look at his numbers on the below video clip showing his work customizing his G400 Ping driver:

… and while the distance numbers were amazing, that’s not what I looked at:

Now, these numbers below are eye-popping:

  • 129.7 mph Club Speed,
  • 194.2 mph Ball Speed,
  • 351.4 yards Carry
  • 377.0 total Yards

However, these are the numbers I looked at afterward:

  • 9.1 degrees Launch Angle,
  • 2767 rpm Spin Rate

So, this is the deal – as long as he is off the tee, Cameron could carry the ball further and get longer carry and total distances by changing two stats – his Launch Angle and Spin Rate.

I don’t know what the loft on the Driver is that he’s using, but a 9 degree Launch Angle means not much positive Attack Angle, because a 9 or 8 degree lofted driver means he’s nearly flat into the ball, and even if he has 7 or 7.5 degree driver, a 9 degree Launch Angle would mean no more than a 1.5 degree positive Attack Angle.

As you see with my own sample drive to compare to Cameron, I got a carry distance of nearly 310 yards and total distance 330 yards with nowhere near the club or ball speed that Cameron generates:

… and while he’d out-drive me by 40 yards with the same swings we took, if you gave me the same club and ball speed as his drives, I’d be out-driving him, and that’s because of my 14.8 degree Launch Angle and 2131 rpm Spin Rate, both due to my 4.7 degrees up Attack Angle.

The optimal Attack Angle is around 4 degrees, and when you factor in the additional fact that the optimal spin rate for a driver is low-2000’s, then you see that Cameron would get longer carries (and long total distances) with an Attack Angle of 4-5 degrees up and a Spin Rate of between 2000-2,300.

So, it shows a couple of things – when you have numbers that aren’t optimal, you can always improve those numbers and improve upon either distance, accuracy or whatever it is you’re adjusting.

It also makes the claim that Tiger Woods reached a 129.2 mph club speed absolutely ridiculous, considering Tiger’s ball speed (182. mph) and the yardage he got on that drive, which was 326 yards total – not carry, the total… compare his yardage to mine above, and ask yourself, would his club speed have been anywhere near Cameron’s or closer to my around-118 mph club speed?

And one more thing – the picture below would concern me if I were looking at longevity and health when it comes to his swing:

That is a huge amount of shoulder turn to hip turn, and that lower back is Tiger-esque with the degree of twist:

I’m not predicting anything as I have no crystal ball, but that amount of lower back twist with his violent change of direction at the top is not sustainable long-term, in my humble opinion.

For now, I look forward to watching him bomb it past the longest players on Tour when he gets out there – however long that’s for!

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