I Called It – More “Vertical Lift” Coming Your Way…

You’ll recall it wasn’t too long ago (two weeks, actually), when I blogged about noticing a new terminology in TV golf swing analysis – that of “vertical lift” to excuse the “flying foot” symptom of several notable pros, and to make that swing flaw into something positive.

I first said that there’s no such thing as “vertical lift,” otherwise you’d swing right over the ball, unless you were simply coming back up to your original level after having “harpoon” dropped into the ball.

The article is a Golf.com piece from Joe Plecker, and while it talks about how to emulate Tiger Woods’ swing:

“Tiger Woods’s swing is a thing of beauty: Here’s how you can copy it”

There’s actually very little in it that has to do with emulating Tiger Woods’ swing.

Again, this blog posting isn’t to trash this magazine or the writer, but to simply point out that you get very little useful information from the usual sources of Modern Golf Swing clap-trap – the magazines and the TV analysts being the worst offenders, of course.

So, if you don’t want to follow the link, I’ll tell you what you’ll get.

First, this on Tiger’s irons and how to swing like Tiger:

Tiger has gone to a neutral setup: even weight, square toes and with his right hand more to the side… Tiger used to rotate in posture but now allows his body to rise

More “vertical lift” stuff here – I’d love to know how one “allows” one’s “body to rise,” but the illustration of the way to swing like Tiger shows a stance with flared feet, not squared.

Don’t believe me?

Note as well the reference to “vertical lift,” whatever on earth that is supposed to mean.  All I know is that it’s new “using the ground” meme making the round.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, you all know that the more compensations or artificial moves in your swing, the more stuff is likely to go wrong, right?  So, take a look at what I’ve underlined in the following picture in the piece:

If you thought your ball-striking was iffy before, try this while working on your swing and see how it goes.

I predict… it will go… badly

As I point out in the upcoming “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” video, there is a simple way to get “lift” in the club or hands (usually to get a flatter or shallower swing bottom with irons and wedges), that way being with the proper setup and mechanics, as seen below:

Trying to do it with manipulations during the swing, I don’t advise!


Then we get something about the short game and putting, which have nothing to do with the swing, so let’s continue.  Not to mention, this quote:

There’s nothing very different about Tiger’s technique, other than that he appears more confident through every step of his putting process.

So all you need to improve your putting is confidence!  And this article must have been written weeks ago, because the absolute worst part of Tiger’s overall game the past few events has been… his putting.

Keep going.

Next we get something about Tiger’s ball position, which is somehow unique, right?

Copy Tiger’s ball position, which is off his left big toe. This simple change will encourage you to lift your left shoulder up and back as you swing into impact…

I’ve always said myself that you want the ball with driver around the leading heel line, anywhere between there and the big toe.

Considering that the overwhelming majority of golfers have their driver ball position around “off the left big toe,” I don’t know how this is Tiger’s secret:

I mean, I don’t swing anything like how Tiger Woods does, but here’s my ball position:

Since the modern driver is designed to impact the ball with the shaft leaning back instead of forward like irons, this is really the only place to have your ball with the driver, if you don’t want to contort yourself into knots getting the proper impact position.

Not only that, Tiger Woods at the time of the magazine being written… was ranked 159th in driving accuracy.

To which, the writer says,

Tiger gets a bit of a pass here…

No kidding, if you’re getting people to swing the drive like a guy ranked 159th in driving accuracy.

The writer then proceeds to tell you how not to swing like Tiger with the driver, which basically invalidates the entire point of the article and title.

The worst part of the article, actually, comes from something that former Classic Golf Swing pusher Brandel Chamblee says about Tiger Woods’ Modern Golf Swing:

Even Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee couldn’t help but praise his swing. “Technically it’s marvelous,” Chamblee said earlier this month. “I think it’s probably the best swing on the PGA Tour.”

Yes, the best swinger on the PGA Tour can’t find a fairway to save his life with Driver, 3 wood some of the time, and even irons off the tee, as we’ve seen lately – and has yet to win an event with that swing, I might add.

The two times he got close, he unleashed swings into OB/hazards that effectively killed his chances.

Meanwhile, Bryson DeChambeau has 2 wins this year with a swing I wouldn’t buy for my worst enemy.

It is only two years ago that Brandel was pushing his book on the Classic Golf swing and trashing the modern swing, so I have no idea what’s going on there, but if you still have his book – go with that, not what he’s saying now.

At the end of it all, I got absolutely nothing of use from this article. But again, the title got me to click on it.

Mission Accomplished.

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2 thoughts on “I Called It – More “Vertical Lift” Coming Your Way…

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ll be honest, Van – I thought this was a joke! “One of his best seasons ever?”

      Remember what Tiger said about who the Player of the Year was in ’08 when Padraig Harrington won 2 majors to his 1?

      He said it was Padraig, because 2 beats 1.

      Let’s do the math – Tiger has won at least one major in 9 (nine) different seasons. Which of those seasons would he trade for ’17-’18, if you ask him?

      Since the answer to that question would be a resounding “None,” then we can assume that this season isn’t even in the top half of his total seasons played.

      Not only that, there are at least 5 more seasons where Tiger didn’t win a major but he won WGC titles and/or multiple events, like ’03, ’04, ’09, ’12 and ’13. So I’m betting he wouldn’t trade any of those seasons for this one either.

      Thereby making both the question and his answer ludicrous.

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