How About Bryson DeChambeau?

If you’ve noticed the lack of posting activity over the weekend, I’m just focused on getting the “MCS – The Kinetic Chain” video finished and released this week.

As I said last week, I had a technical disaster wipe out all of my final editing work a week ago Friday and had to start all over again.

Things have been a little slower the 2nd go around due to mental fatigue – nothing worse than doing something over again when you’ve already done it!

Nonetheless, things are coming around and I’m looking for a release this week, taking it section by section ’til I’m done, but I wanted to take a little break to share my frustration with how the golf industry makes up facts to suit their narrative, whatever the actual situation is.

You know, like when Tiger Woods was ranked 153rd in strokes gained off the tee (you know, with mostly driver), and you got an article at the same time entitled “The Miracle of Tiger Woods’ Swing.”

Stuff like that.

Now, with Bryson DeChambeau (congrats on his 3rd PGA Tour win) returning to somewhat the form he had coming out of college (when he won both the U.S. Amateur and the NCAA singles title, a rare and admirable feat), you are getting the same overblown hype and articles that make no sense to me when you look at actual facts.

There is a difference between having a great swing and being a great golfer – Jordan Spieth (when he’s playing his best) is one of the best golfers we’ve seen since Tiger Woods turned pro, but he has one of the worst swings, technically, you’ll see in a great player.

Tiger Woods himself, I label as having one of the worst swings mechanically of the all-time greats, whichever exact rank you give him.

You can have a great swing and be a terrible golfer, although that’s pretty hard to do, but you can certainly be a great golfer with an iffy or terrible swing, technically-wise, if you are adept at getting the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible.

A great swing won’t make you a great golfer without the rest of the game, and being a great golfer doesn’t mean you have awesome swing mechanics.

Now, with DeChambeau, I come across this GolfDigest article following his impressive win at the Northern Trust (give credit where it’s due, he played great golf last week), that says:

Steal Bryson DeChambeau’s secret to swing consistency

I had to scratch my head when I read that – perhaps my impression of him was wrong, and I simply had the impression that he wasn’t a consistent ball-striker.

Says Matthew Rudy in the piece:

The precision and consistency in DeChambeau’s game comes in part from his determination to make every swing on the same plane—literally.

“I’ve run his swing on my 3D analysis software, and Bryson is literally more planar than the swing robots they use to design clubs,” says Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Michael Jacobs.

Even if you wanted to try to do that yourself, I don’t think the average player has the coordination. He really is unique.”

Now, you can see the plain (or “plane”) lunacy in the 2nd paragraph – first off, there is no way on earth any human being can duplicate the plane consistency of a swing robot – come on, did Jacobs really say that? 

Is he suggesting that the Iron Byron can’t duplicate the same plane on different swings, or that as consistent as the Iron Byron’s plane is – and since it’s a machine, isn’t it the same plane on every swing cycle to begin with – even as consistent as the plane is on the machine, DeChambeau exceeds that performance?

I’d love to see the proof of that, but you know there is no possibility that Jacobs’ statement is anywhere near being true.

Not to mention, the 3rd paragraph quoted completely contradicts the title of the article – before telling you how to do something, it is stated that you likely won’t be able to do it because B.D. is unique.

And if B.D. has superior coordination, are you saying “better than a robot’s?”

Well, that worked out great, don’t you think?

This is all before I even went to check B.D.’s stats.  This is where it gets really silly.

B.D. currently ranks 108th in Driving Accuracy at 60.52% fairways hit.

He does better with his Greens In Regulation, ranking 31st with 69.48% on average.

I have to say, if B.D. has “a secret for swing consistency,” as claimed by Rudy, then he likely hasn’t shared it with even himself, let alone anyone else.

Now, you all know I don’t care for DeChambeau’s golf swing, but not because of the same-length irons and his efforts to duplicate his swing plane – different strokes for different folks, and I’ve already said he’s a great golfer, as one would have to be to do what he’s already done.

What bothers me is that he’s swinging in the Modern Golf Swing style, and that’s not mechanically-sound, which is why he is so inconsistent in his performance and has more than once had to WD with an injury of some sort or another.

However, there is the ability in every professional golfer’s career to catch lightning in a bottle and have a great round or even a great week, and to run away with the field.

You can’t take one week’s performance and use it as proof of something that is measured over time, such as consistency is.

Consistency is not what you do in one round or even one week, or even a few events – let me ask you, how great a putter is Jordan Spieth right now?  Sure, he was out of this world back in 2016, but how good is he now?

So, back to Brysonthere are 107 players right now with higher fairways hit percentage than him, and he’s not in the Top 30 in hitting greens.

How much would you be willing to bet that he’s more consistent in his swing plane than a golf swing robot?

I’d like to know exactly what unearthly consistency they’re talking about, is all.  Bryson is the guy who will miss a cut one week or WD with an injury and then come back and win the next week – the very opposite of consistency.

If you have the stomach for it, you can watch Bryson at the Porsche Open in Germany back in July with a 4th round lead and shooting six over to finish T13.

This isn’t to mock him, but to ask the obvious question.



He’s got 3 wins already in his young career, winning once last year after a rough first year and losing his card, and 2 more this year.

Like I said, a great golfer, but not the poster-boy for consistent swinging or results.

But at least Rudy got me to click on the article, which was likely the idea behind that ridiculous title.

Back to the video editing I go!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video


12 thoughts on “How About Bryson DeChambeau?

  1. FAS

    Even if some whiz kid with a so called you-beaut ultimate golf swing comes on the PGA tour he will do no better than the tour av of 70% fairways and greens hit (or whatever the av is).
    “Hey it’s a golf club not a rifle” – Jack Nicklaus
    PS: I think B DeC loves himself a bit. However he is playing good golf at the moment, so well done.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I love the Nicklaus quote, FAS.

      And I agree, B.D.’s playing good golf right now. I don’t know why it can’t just be left at that, instead of trying to make every player who wins an event that week “the absolute best” in whatever they’re trying to push.


  2. Jeff Brand

    That is just one ugly swing IMHO. It works, and that’s fine. But man it just looks funky to my eye. Then again, my eye sight is not what it used to be so….

    1. D Watts Post author

      It makes Spieth’s look graceful, doesn’t it? But he’s won thrice, so it works well enough to play and win. I agree with you though, it’s not easy on the eyes, that swing.

      And he’s getting injured way too much for a man in his early 20’s… going to have to make some changes if he wants to be out there for a long time.

  3. FAS

    Many years ago a wise old pro told me that every golfer, am & pro, has 1 month in the year when he plays out of his skin. Then unfortunately the gods of golf desert him and the hole looks as big as a mouse’s ear, and you go back to the usual. You see it on tour – a player has a great month with some top 10 finishes and maybe a W, then oops he misses a cut and it’s back to the pack.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s usually how it goes. Very rare to have more than a handful of players seeing sustained excellence at the top. We call those players “great.” And it takes more than a hot weekend to be considered that!

  4. D.L. Moriarty

    I’m definitely not a fan of the swing. It looks crazy and you can tell hes going to end up hurting himself bad at some point.

    DJ, how do you feel about Lee Comeaux and the “C Motion” swing?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi D.L.! How are things?

      To be honest, I haven’t seen anything to do with this gentleman, or at least enough to comment about it. From what I have seen, he uses a concept of “pushing” the club with the right arm (for the rightie swinger), but that’s about all I know.

      Nothing controversial in that, as I talk about the 2nd and 3rd levers doing the same thing. But that’s about all I know about what he espouses.


      1. D.L. Moriarty

        Things are great! Counting the hours until the new video is out and I can scoop it up.

        C Motion soundedinteresting, mainly because he doesnt really do a good job describing what he is actually doing. For whatever reason, I feel odd when I tilt and I have a feeling its because my ball position is too forward when I’m tilting. You’ll see another video soon!

        Now that I’ve finished that tangent, I have to say that the more golf I watch, the more I worry about these guys on tour. They all swing with such bad habits.

        1. D Watts Post author

          I have to say that the more golf I watch, the more I worry about these guys on tour. They all swing with such bad habits.

          I used to worry about them, but having tried to convince those around some of them that there’s a better way to do it than a way that breaks your body down, I am resigned to them doing it their way and retiring young with plenty of issues.

          You can show a horse the water, you can even lead him to it, but whether he’ll drink it or not is entirely up to the horse 🙂

          1. Jim

            I had to laugh at this. We were talking at work about taking a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I laughed and said, “you can if you hold his head underwater long enough.” Okay I do have a warped sense of humor.

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