Bridgestone – Tiger Watch & Open Thread

I’ll be busy for the next week wrapping up the “MCS – Project 2018” video, so I may not be as active on the blog as usual.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, but as any project nears completion, most of my focus is on that, and I find it hard to post on other matters while my attention is occupied.

That said, of course everyone will be following or watching the afternoon coverage of the WGC Bridgestone, mostly because of one storyline:

Can Tiger Woods win his first Tour event in nearly 5 years, on one of his most dominant courses, and in the last year it’s held at Firestone CC in Ohio?

I’m pretty sure Wax Nation citizens David and humbray, both hailing from Ohio, will be focused on the weekend’s events, and I’ll have the TV on in the background as I work on the video.

TW tees off in less than an hour as I write this, and he is currently 7 strokes off the lead.  Firestone is very open to low scores at the moment, so he’ll need to go low, as Ian Poulter and Tommy Fleetwood have already made it to -11 nearing the end of their 2nd rounds.

With scoring machine (when he’s on) Justin Thomas at -10, it looks like the winning score is likely to be in the high teens below par, if not -20 or better if conditions hold on the weekend.

I’ll say right now that there are a lot of high-power names between the lead and -4, which is T18 right now.

So, some big numbers needed if TW is going to pull it off.  And he’d better hit it straighter than he did coming home yesterday, I’d add.  You don’t win many events coming from behind relying on 50 foot bombs and miracle shots from behind trees and deep in bunkers with that many good players in front of you.

I’ll leave this post up as an Open Thread for anyone who has thoughts on the tournament, or anything else they may wish to toss up on the board.

Lunch for me, and have a great Friday, everyone!


9 thoughts on “Bridgestone – Tiger Watch & Open Thread

    1. D Watts Post author

      Your analysis is getting better, Jason – that was one of my critiques when I first looked at Day. I try not to write about him now, because whenever I do, he comes down with another injury.


      1. D Watts Post author

        No, you had it the first time. I haven’t seen him play in a while, and when I saw him today, my first thought was, “Can he squat a little more over that ball?”

        1. Jason

          Lol, glad it wasn’t just me then. I was thinking it’s such a nitpick since he does open up his waist a bit.

  1. Jason

    Ugh, I almost want to turn off the commentary on golf channel talking about the ‘perfection’ of justin thomas’ swing. I’ll take Ian Poulter’s swing over Justin Thomas’ until Thomas figures a few things out.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Who called it that?!?

      And I agree with you. Poulter’s swing is much more mechanically-sound.

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