Leveraging With The Torso – John Daly & Mike Dunaway

As you all know, I love looking at mechanics, and when I see something interesting, I see if I can break it down and duplicate it myself.

I’ve been working on something that has to do with leveraging, and that’s using the torso to create the leverage to produce speed rather than trying to jump out of my shoes with a twisting or turning motion combined with swinging with the arms.

You can do it that way, of course, but if you want safe, mechanically-sound and maximum leverage, which is the proper way to produce speed and power, you’ll be more interested in doing it with the torso than other ways.

I am always looking at Mike Dunaway’s swing action, because it’s one thing to describe a swing action and demonstrate it, and it’s another thing to duplicate it.

Nobody Does It Better…

So, while working on the upcoming “MCS – Project 2-18” video, I have been continuing my work on the swing plane, and I might have today found the link between John Daly’s and Mike Dunaway’s leveraging keys.

Now That’s Leverage…

I’ve talked about using leverage with the Primary Lever action, much as you would leverage a Judo throw:

… and while working on it with the SwingRite today, I felt something different in my “drop” from the top of the back swing.

I immediately began to break down what was going on with the back swing pivot (it all starts and ends, as you know, with the setup and the back pivot), and something about the feel made me go check John Daly’s swing on a DTL angle:

The thing that has always fascinated me was how a man could get to the top with such a long-drive position, with the flying elbow and way past-parallel shaft could still get it on plane coming down:

The simple answer, I will investigate to see if I’m correct on my findings, is that it’s a matter of using the torso to exert maximum leverage as one begins the down swing.

That would mean that all the work I have done personally to flatten my own swing plane led me, step by step and increment by increment, to the point where I made a back swing pivot and got deep enough into the right side where I could make that same move as those two.

Which means, if you know how to do it, it has nothing to do with one’s top position or elbow or shaft angle at the top, but merely getting to the proper position with one’s pivot in order to use that torso leverage optimally.

You’ve got two legendary swingers, one who didn’t go past parallel but could drive the ball up to 375 yards with a standard driver (Dunaway), and one who went way past parallel but who would could still drop the club into the proper slot coming back down, and who is one of the longest drivers ever on the PGA Tour.

If I’m correct, it’s just another piece to add to the existing MCS Golf Swing model – not to change it (because it’s still the same address setup and still the “One Major Move” action with the floating pivot from the “E = MCS” swing video), but to make the optimal execution even more powerful than anything I’ve been able to do myself using the model.

And I’ve not done too badly to date so…

I’m very interested in this!

More to come.

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video

4 thoughts on “Leveraging With The Torso – John Daly & Mike Dunaway

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re right, John – I never even connected that they were both from Arkansas… then again, JD himself said that Dunaway was the longest driver he’d ever seen. Quite the endorsement! 🙂

  1. Tom Settles

    JD told us he starts downswing by pulling left ass cheek back. My wife and I followed him around all 18 at last years Boeing Classic in Snoqualmie WA and we talked to him briefly between holes while he was waiting to tee off. He was using a Ping G 8.5 driver with Nunchuk shaft and absolutely killing it. He should have won that tournament. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Dunaway said he starts downswing with right hip moving towards target. I tried doing this with a bucket of balls and kept coming over the top every time. Not sure how Dunaway made this work.

    1. D Watts Post author

      JD told us he starts downswing by pulling left ass cheek back… Dunaway said he starts downswing with right hip moving towards target. I tried doing this with a bucket of balls and kept coming over the top every time.

      LOL – beware the swing thoughts of others, Tom! I am not surprised you would have that result. The hip girdle is one unit, so I believe it would be better to think of the left hip moving toward the target, which won’t make you turn and come OTT the way focusing on the right hip is likely to do.

      I have an even simpler method, as you’ll see in the video series you just downloaded – thanks for the support, and make sure to get in touch if you have any questions about anything! 🙂

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