More Proof On Setup & MCS Mechanics = Optimal Ball-Striking

I had some posts from earlier in the spring where I talked about how I could prove that a lot of the Modern Golf Swing stuff is completely off the mark when it comes to ball-striking.

For one, I said I could prove that you don’t have to launch yourself into the air to do either of 1. Have the hands coming up to provide a shallow iron or wedge angle through the swing bottom, or 2. To have an upward or positive club head Attack Angle into the ball with a Driver.

In the upcoming “MCS – Project 2018” video, I will not only be proving both of these things, that all it takes is the proper setup and the MCS mechanics, but I will also show how you can do something people think is not possible – 3. to have a positive Attack Angle into the ball even if the Driver shaft is leaning forward, i.e. the hands are ahead of the ball at impact.

That is something that can be done, and Dustin Johnson, one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour, does this himself, and you know what he does with the Driver:

As you can see, DJ has his hands ahead of the ball long before impact, and there’s no way he will have a back-leaning shaft at impact, yet he can still produce a positive Attack Angle into the ball because of his mechanics.

This picture below:

… Is from a video clip with some graphics of the type I’ll be using to prove all 3 of these things, and although I produced roughly 10.5 – 11 degrees Launch Angle with this drive, I had a negative or forward-leaning shaft angle at impact (which is not shown – that’s for the video!).

That means at least 2 degrees positive Attack Angle with an 8.5 degree lofted driver, even with a negative shaft angle.

And then there’s this:

How about hitting a 9 iron shot with a very forward-leading shaft and taking very little divot instead of a pelt-sized chunk out of the ground and breaking one’s wrists?

It’s not magic, nor does it break any laws of physics – it’s the positioning and mechanics, is all.

More to come!

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