Working On Slo-Mo Clips For “MCS Project 2018” Wow!

I wanted to get some good-quality slow motion swings for the upcoming video “MCS – Project 2018,” the better to illustrate certain points about the mechanics, of course, but also to get some good position pics.

The reason I wanted to shoot new video in lieu of last year’s video is of course that my own swing has progressed with the work I did on it over the winter and spring, and I wanted new video of swings that are much closer to the theoretical model than last year’s swings were.

I wasn’t thrilled with the condition of the range, as last spring, Welshman and I shot our slo-mo early in the spring before the range had seen heavy use and dried out.

As it stands, things were pretty baked out, so the surroundings won’t be as lush as they were for last year’s shoot, but the quality of the pics leave me nothing to complain about on that end!

There are things that happen in the swing that occur so quickly, you want some high-resolution slo-mo to capture it, such as the lightning-fast “3 To 9” phase of the “Drop & Pop” in the down swing:

So, things are going well, and I can’t complain when I can get high-quality impact pics such as this one below:


Have you ever noticed how quiet the down swing looks when you’re properly leveraging your club?

So, things are finally moving toward the end game and final editing/producing for this “MCs – Project 2018” which will provide the proof of the MCS Golf Swing theory I presented in the “E = MCS” swing video, with numbers and video analysis.

More to come!

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Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

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